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    Your Real Estate Agent Interview Sample Script

    A sample script is a great way to prep for important conversations. Finding a real estate agent is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in selling your home. The best way to know you’re making a great choice is to interview prospective agents beforehand. But, If you’re like most people, you won’t know what to ask when the interview comes. This is where our sample script comes in handy. Ask an agent the questions we’ve outlined, and you’ll know that all of your bases are covered.

    Before you interview an agent, keep these questions in mind.

    • How long have you been doing this? An agent who is new to the business could be great for a fresh perspective, while an experienced agent brings seasoned knowledge to the table. This is a great ice-breaker question to hear more about an agent’s experience and to determine if it’s what you need.
    • What price range do you work in? This is important for so many reasons. Different homes fall in different price brackets. Ensure your agent is comfortable working in your price range.
    • Are you full-time or part-time? Will you work for me for full-time hours? Or should I expect to hear from you only on limited days of the week?
    • What areas of town do you specialize in? If an agent is primarily working in a different area, they may not be able to do the best job of selling your home. Ensure they’re familiar with your neighborhood.
    • Have you sold homes near me? Hearing that an agent has sold the homes of your neighbors is a great way to ensure they’re familiar with your area. And, you can ask for honest reviews from nearby residents before proceeding.
    • What’s your ratio of list-price to sales-price? Everyone wants the best price for their home. Do you know that this agent will get that price for you? This also indicates whether or not an agent knows how to price a home well. Their ability to price correctly will help your home sale to go faster.
    • How many homes did you sell last year? Understanding the type of volume an agent typically deals with will help you to make an informed decision about their experience and expertise.
    • What’s your marketing strategy? If an agent only plans on putting a sign in your yard, then their marketing strategy is lacking. Ask an agent how they plan to execute the marketing of your home once it’s on the market. They should be able to present you with their marketing plan to get your home sold.
    • Do you work alone? Or are you connected with a team? This will help you to understand exactly who you’ll be working with.
    • What should I change about my home? An honest view of your home will help an agent to sell it best. No home is perfect, make sure an agent can guide you on how to best improve your home to sell quickly.
    • Who are the professionals you work with? Inspectors, mortgage brokers, and title companies can work with an agent. Be sure to ask why the agent has chosen these vendors before moving forward.  
    • How many clients do you have right now? This is another way to manage time expectations of your real estate agent.
    • What fees do you charge? A realistic idea of commission and fees is invaluable before choosing an agent.
    • May I see your references? Firsthand experience is like gold when choosing someone for a job as big as selling your home. You’ll appreciate knowing exactly how an agent works with their recent clients by hearing from previous clients themselves. Ask about the agent’s availability and how pleased or not pleased the clients were when working with their agent.
    • What makes you the best agent for my needs? Let an agent tell you, in their words, why they’d be the best fit for selling your home. You may find that they address questions you didn’t know you had. It can also give you a chance to get to know their personality a little better before moving forward.

    Give us a call. We’d love to answer any of these questions for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to do the best job of selling Jersey Shore homes. We would love to tell you just how we plan to sell your home and ensure the best outcome for you.

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