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    Why No Seller Should Be Present at Their Own Home’s Showing


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    If you’re trying to sell your home for the highest amount of money possible, it’s smart to stay away from your home while it’s being shown by your agent. Here are four reasons why:

    1. You may have a different perspective than the buyer. This isn’t a bad thing, but your perspective of the home can easily get in the way of the buyer’s and make them nervous. It’s true you know the home better than anyone, but in the end the buyer wants to see the home through their eyes, not yours.

    2. What they like might not be what you like. And vice versa. Either way, it’s best to let buyers make their own mind up about a home and what they do and do not like about it.

    If a buyer likes your home, they will make an offer

    3. You might accidentally paint the neighbors in a bad light. If you mention that the neighbors have a bunch of teenage children or loud motorcycles, you may be shining a negative light on your home without realizing it.

    4. You may have an impact on the buyer’s perception of the price. If you’re present, they might ask you questions in order to gauge your motivation to sell and whether or not they can negotiate the price down further.

    In the end, if a buyer likes your home they will make an offer. They are much more likely to like the home if you aren’t present during their showing. If you have any questions for us about this topic or anything else about real estate, give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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