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    Where to Spend Your Repair Dollars Before Selling

    You know that your home should get spruced up before you sell it. Everyone wants their home to put its best foot forward before it hits the market. You’ll also want to avoid a lengthy list of repairs following your home inspection.

    It’s easy to overlook damaged spots in your home over time. Things that may have been on your to-do list could have gotten moved off the list and off your radar. It’s important to strike a balance between glaring damage that could turn away buyers, and spending too much on the wrong projects. This guide is a great start; we have listed some of the most important repairs you should make before you list your home. Buyers will see that your home has been well taken care of and maintained. Here are the best repairs you may not have considered!

    • Windows: Obviously, broken or cracked windowpanes are something you want to repair before listing your home. It’s also important to take stock of any snagged or broken window screens. This is an inexpensive repair that you can likely DIY with a quick trip to the hardware store.
    • Details: Walk through each room of your home with a critical eye and check for broken or missing hardware. If a ceiling fixture is missing its cover or a light switch plate is cracked, it will be noted in the inspection, or worse, by a potential buyer. These items can be easily replaced with a quick trip to the hardware store for very little money.
    • Floors: Is your floor in good shape? Ratty carpet or worn hardwood can be a big turnoff. Spend some money to make the floors more attractive to buyers and expect to recoup most of the investment when you sell. If your carpet is relatively new, hire someone to deep clean it. Hardwood looks great when it’s refinished by professionals. Replacing dated carpets, tile, or installing hardwood or an alternative are visible upgrades buyers will appreciate.
    • Pet Damage: Your darling pets may be housebroken now, but that old stain in the carpet is a red flag for buyers! Assess your home for damage from your pets. Scratches on interior and exterior doors make a negative impact and stains worry buyers. Make sure any pet related damage is taken care of.
    • Water Stains: Whether in ceilings, flooring, or walls, water damage can send up major red flags! If you know the damage is from a leaky roof, obviously it will need to be repaired. For many homeowners, the water damage is from a problem that was resolved long before. Make sure to erase any hints of this sort of damage by refinishing ceilings, replacing drywall, or repairing wood that has been stained with water. The cost is minimal and will change a buyer’s perspective dramatically.
    • Grout Issues: Tile grout is porous and can show signs of age over time. Stained or yellowing grout will make your tile look dated, and worse, dirty to prospective buyers. Avoid any upturned noses by refreshing your grout. You can either replace the grout entirely (if it’s in bad shape) or consider grout paints. This DIY project is an inexpensive project you can do in a weekend. For under $20, most any grout can get a facelift from this quick project!
    • Doors: Take a look at the doors around your home. Buyers can worry that things aren’t up to snuff if they notice a door is sagging or the knob doesn’t latch. Replace any broken knobs around your home. If a door doesn’t close properly, it may be a job for a handyman. It could be a headache for now, but will save a last-minute repair following your home inspection.

    Your agent is a great resource for making your own list of to-dos before selling your home. We love to help out and know what buyers notice and what’s not worth the time. Call us today, we’d love to help get your home ready to hit the market!

     Photo via Pixabay on Pexels

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