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    The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

    Spring gets all the attention when it comes to deep cleaning, but a deep fall cleanout and cleanup is just as invigorating and necessary! It’s especially helpful to clean and prepare your home ahead of the busy and hectic late fall and winter holidays! Having organized closets and clean floors is a great way to begin the inevitable descent into the most overwhelming months of the year for many families. Take a look at this list to inspire your own deep fall cleanout this year!

    Let us know! What are your favorite fall-specific tips to spruce up during the autumn months?

    Interior Rooms

    • Thorough dusting
    • Vacuum floors
    • Mop floors
    • Spot clean carpets
    • Wipe baseboards
    • Clean scuffs from walls and touch up if necessary
    • Wash pillow covers, duvets, blankets
    • Wash windows and glass doors
    • Clean your washing machine and dryer vent system
    • Wipe down blinds and shades
    • Launder or vacuum window treatments
    • Wipe down and reverse fan blades
    • Vacuum air vents
    • Wash pet beds


    • Clear fridge and pantry of unused and expired products
    • Wash interior of the refrigerator
    • Wash the interior of your microwave oven
    • Clean oven and stovetop
    • Wipe down small appliances and clean underneath
    • Run a clean cycle in your coffee maker
    • Clean the crumb catcher in your toaster



    • Clean tub and shower walls
    • Wash shower curtain and rugs
    • Clean around the toilet base
    • Use cotton swabs to clean hard to reach areas on fixtures
    • Mop
    • Wash soap dispensers or soap dishes thoroughly
    • Wash any decorative linens


    Closets and Storage

    • Clear unwanted clothing you don’t want to keep for next season
    • Donate old children’s toys ahead of holiday gifting
    • Donate or toss anything you don’t love or need
    • Use a fabric refresher, fabric sachet, or other air freshener to help stale closets
    • Revamp closet and cabinet organization
    • Vacuum closet floors and clean insides of cabinets



    • Clear gutters
    • Wash then cover or store outdoor furniture for the season
    • Sweep front steps
    • Empty your garden hose before storing it for the winter
    • Wash welcome mats

    These are some great ideas to get you started on a good deep clean before it’s time to begin Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas festivities! And don’t forget to let us know your favorite tips for deep cleaning in the fall. We’d love to hear from our readers.

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