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    The Perfect Libations to Cheers 2021

    It’s safe to assume everyone is ready to see the year 2020 in their rear-view window. The perfect sendoff to a less-than-ideal year and warm welcome to a new year, is to grab a celebratory drink. Whatever your countdown looks like, these are fantastic drinks for singing along to Auld Lang Syne. 


    Give these a try this holiday season. We think you’ll love them! 


    Bubbly Cocktails: 

    Popping a bottle of bubbly is the ultimate way to ring in a new year. These cocktails add a bit more festivity to your holiday! 



    Beer Cocktails: 

    If you love some of the local craft brews from breweries like Cape May Brewing Co., these cocktails are the perfect way to serve a beer on New Year’s Eve! 




    Don’t forget the non-drinkers. A well-crafted mocktail is a fun drink for those who don’t drink, and when you want a break from the booze. 



    Hot Cocktails: 

    A chilly December night sometimes calls for a warm drink in a mug. This variety of hot cocktails will keep the chill at bay and perfectly welcome a new year! 



    Punch Drinks: 

    Sometimes you don’t want to spend the entire evening mixing up cocktails. A party punch is the perfect answer for this. Plus, many of these can be easily converted to non-alcoholic if needed! 



    From our family to yours, happy holidays and a very happy 2021!


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