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    The First Things To Clean In Your Jersey Shore Vacation Home

    kitchenVacation season is fast approaching, and the Jersey Shore is a popular place for friends and family to come together and enjoy a wonderful vacation. If you own a vacation home or plan to spend time in a vacation home along the shore this spring or summer having a clean kitchen will help everyone in your party stay healthy.  Before you start cooking in your vacation home, here are the first things you need to clean.


    Don’t be surprised to find a sponge for cleaning dishes by the kitchen sink in your vacation rental kitchen. They are inexpensive and easy to replace making them popular in vacation rentals.  They are more eco-friendly than paper towels and they don’t have to be laundered. However, kitchen sponges are the number one source of germs in the whole house.  Before using it, disinfect it. You can place it in the dishwasher to clean it or stick in the microwave wet for two minutes to kill the bacteria on it.

    Clean Surfaces

    Kitchens harbor more bacteria than any other room in the house. The last thing you want is for your family to pick up a virus from a dirty kitchen and ruin your family vacation.  Prevent the spread of germs by cleaning all the surfaces in the kitchen such as the countertop, stovetop, and sink.

    Flatware And Utensils

    Don’t just assume that the renter before you properly washed all the flatware and utensils and put them away ready to be used again.  It never hurts to take the time to wash all flatware and utensils again before using them.

    Outdoor Dining

    If you’re lucky enough for your vacation home to come with an outdoor living area make sure the grill and patio table in the area are clean for use.  A grill tends to be one of those things that gets neglected when it comes to cleaning.

    Spend a few minutes after you arrive in your vacation home cleaning the kitchen so it’s germ free and ready for your family.  Enjoy your vacation along the Jersey Shore. If you fall in love with it and would love to call this little piece of paradise home, we would be happy to help you find the vacation home of your dreams.

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