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    The Best Investment for Your Curb Appeal Dollar

    Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing someone sees when they come to visit, the first impression in photos when you list your property, and what greets you as you come home from work! It’s an important part of your home.

    There are hundreds of potential projects that could be done to up your curb appeal. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Should you invest in landscaping or focus on upgrading shutters or doors? Should you paint your siding or add new lighting? This list gives you some great ideas for adding curb appeal you can feel confident is a good investment.

    • Updated House Numbers: This is one of the least expensive, yet big impact home improvement projects for your front porch! Adding some new house numbers will provide an instant update. Plus, for safety reasons it’s always a good idea to have visible house numbers for emergency purposes.

    • Fix Chipped Paint: Chipped paint is never going to help your curb appeal. Consider having any chipped trim or siding repainted. It will breathe fresh life into your home’s exterior.

    • Add or Upgrade Your Sidewalk: If you don’t have a walkway leading up to your front door, it’s a great idea to add one! Great curb appeal makes a home look welcoming. It’s hard to welcome guests without a clear path to the door. If you already have a walkway, add in some ornamental grass to border the sidewalk to make it more inviting.

    • Spruce Up Your Front Door: This is another inexpensive project with huge results. If your door is a bland neutral tone, consider adding a splash of color by painting it. If you’re still just not in love with your home’s front door, consider upgrading to a new door design that will breathe new life into your entryway.

    • Consider a Fence: While a fence isn’t always seen when assessing a home’s curb appeal, it can add a lot to the overall impression of a home. A backyard fence is a great investment, while a picket fence in the front yard is a quaint addition to your lawn.

    • Clear Overgrown Landscaping: This is an investment that costs zero money, just some time! Getting rid of overgrown landscaping will make your home appear cleaner, more inviting, and updated. This can easily be done in a weekend by yourself or with the help of a professional.

    • Add a Border: A stone border around a flower bed will define the space and add a bold contrast. There are hundreds of great options at your hardware store. Consider checking out Pinterest for the perfect landscaping border for your home’s style.

    Your curb appeal is important. We hope these ideas help you to make a confident investment in your home’s first impression.


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