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    Ten Better Ways to Use Common Items You Didn’t Know About

    We want to make your life a little easier. We’ve put together a list of ten of our favorite hack-tastic tips that’ll help you to use these household items the best way possible!

    1. Tape Measure– The hole at the end of your tape measure can provide something to hook onto a nail or screw so that you can measure without having to ask a second person for assistance. The serrated edge on a tape measure can be used to mark a spot on a wall by using the edge to make a small cut into the surface.
    2. Aluminum Foil Box– Push the small perforated tabs in to help hold your aluminum foil roll in place. This will keep the roll from flying across the room next time you wrap up leftovers. Such a clever design that so few people know about!
    3. Pasta Spoon– Although it’s great for draining the water, the hole in the bottom of your pasta spoon is the perfect size to use to measure one portion of dry spaghetti noodles. No more guessing before the next spaghetti night!
    4. Utility Knife– The blade of a utility knife has lines in it. No, that’s not just some cool design feature. The scores enable you to break off the blades to have a fresh, sharp blade for the next time you use the knife.
    5. Soda Can Tab– If you’re tired of your straw being propelled out by the carbonation in your soda when you’re trying to drink, turn the tab around and place the straw in the hole created by the tab. This will hold your straw firmly in place so you can enjoy your drink.
    6. Dish Soap- Nobody thinks you’re using dish soap wrong, but it can do so much more than just clean your dirty dishes. Dish soap can do a great job on plates but it can also do double duty acting as an inexpensive hand soap alternative, a grease-fighting laundry pre-treater, and as an all-purpose cleaner. (To make a homemade all-purpose cleaner, mix together one part water, one part vinegar, and ½ part dish soap in a spray bottle.)
    7. Toilet Brushes– In case you didn’t already hate the job of cleaning a toilet enough, just imagine the foul smell of a mildewed and gross toilet brush holder! Place your toilet brush handle in between your toilet seat with the brush head hanging over the toilet until it’s dry. Let it dry and then put it away, you’ll prevent mildew on the brush and in the holder and keep your bathroom from getting smelly.
    8. Oven Broiler– Broilers crisp and brown food with a flame or a highly heated element. You may think you should keep the door closed for this. In fact, it’s better to use the broiler with the door open. Steam and moisture can escape from the oven and your food will brown more evenly. (Of course, use caution around an open oven door and don’t use this hack with small children around.)
    9. Microwaves– Using square containers in the microwave is a great way to end up with unevenly heated foods. Use round containers so that your food will reheat evenly as the microwave rotates.
    10. Sponges– There’s not much worse than a stinky sponge. Toss a sponge into the microwave after you’ve rinsed following use. 15-30 seconds will heat the sponge and help to kill bacteria that accumulates inside the sponge. (Let the sponge stand for 5 minutes before touching, it will be hot.)

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