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    Take Care of Your Air Conditioner and It Will Take Care of You

    No one wants the inconvenience and cost of a broken air conditioner unit this summer. Although all units will eventually meet their end, due to age, it’s possible to protect your unit and make it last years longer.

    Check out our favorite ideas for maintaining your unit this summer, for saving some cash on utility bills, and even an idea for making air filters easier to change!  Take a look.

    •  Schedule Annual Maintenance- Maintaining your unit will make it easier for it to withstand the summer workouts. Schedule an annual checkup by a professional. Many HVAC companies even have annual subscriptions for clients to ensure maintenance is completed each year. Have your unit tuned up earlier rather than later in the season.
    • Hack Your Way to New Filters- It’s hard to remember to change those air filters! Consider trying this hack. Buy multiple air filters at once in bulk and store them in a central location. Set a reminder on your smartphone each month to drop what you’re doing and go to change the air filter. It’s a much easier task if you keep the supplies on hand and ready to go when the job needs to be done.
    • Clean the Ducts- Your air ducts could be slowing down your unit. Debris, dust, and more can clog up the system and make your unit run inefficiently.
    • Clean the Vents- Your return air vents around the house can get covered in dust and pet dander. They make your system work even harder to remove the air from a room. Make sure you keep the vents cleaned regularly so they’ll continue to work for you.
    • Install a Smart Thermostat- A smart thermostat can save you tons. Use it to cool the air a little less during times you aren’t home or adjust the temperature overnight. You can also use smartphone enabled devices to control the temperature remotely.
    • Keep the Outside Unit Clean- Many of us rarely think of the air conditioner unit in the yard. It’s important that it stays clean. Clear away any brush, leaves, or debris from the area regularly. Also, it’s a great idea to use a shop vac to gently clean the fins (being extra careful not to bend them) if you notice any dirt buildup.
    • Use Curtains to Keep Rooms Cool- If you want to save on pricey electrical bills, it’s a great idea to use your room’s décor to help. Insulating curtains can keep the heat out on warm days and help keep the cool air inside, where it belongs.
    •  Be Kind to Your Unit- An air conditioner can only make a home around 20 degrees cooler than it is outside. On particularly hot days, give your unit a break by turning the temperature up a few degrees. It’ll keep the unit from working too hard and will potentially save you some cash.
    • Invest in the Warranty- When you buy a new unit, you’re likely going to be given the opportunity to purchase a warranty. It’s never a bad idea on such a big ticket purchase. Many HVAC companies will also include annual maintenance in a warranty package to keep your unit running smoothly for years to come.

    Your air conditioner can be your best friend in the warm weather months. It’s a device you won’t want to live without during the hottest days. You’ll be glad to know you’ve taken great care of your unit when the heat waves hit this summer.

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