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    Spring Clean Your Home’s Exterior this Weekend

    The outside of our homes can build up with dirt and grime. With the springtime approaching, it’s a great time to think about how to spring clean your exterior to get ready for outdoor fun in the warmer months.

    Many of us don’t know where to begin when it comes to exterior cleaning. While some homeowners will hire experts to tackle the job, there’s no reason to be intimidated. You can spring clean your home’s exterior in a weekend. This step-by-step breakdown will make the job quick, easy, and doable for the average homeowner

    1. Clear Debris- The first step is to sweep and remove any debris from leaves, twigs, and branches that are cluttering up your home’s exterior. This will make your cleaning job much easier and quicker.
    2. Sweep and Brush- Next, you’ll want to sweep away any dirt that has accumulated on your driveways, steps, decks, and patio surfaces. Using a long-handled brush, sweep away any cobwebs that may have accumulated in the windows and overhangs around your home’s exterior.
    3. Wash Your Windows- Starting with your windows is a great way to begin. (That is, if you can safely do the job yourself- otherwise hire the pros!) Using a long handled tool makes it easy to scrub harder to reach areas of your exterior windows. Use good window cleaner and spray away any leftover debris with a garden hose when you’re done.
    4. Clean Your Front Door- Your front door is the first thing people see. Clean its windows, solid surfaces, and the corners of your door facings- they can tend to accumulate lots of dirt.
    5. Clean Exterior Surfaces- Lots of home exteriors (brick, wood, or stucco for example) can’t handle the jarring pressure of a pressure washer, so save your money buying or renting one. Instead, consider spraying down mildewed areas with a safe mildew removing cleaner and using your garden hose spray attachment for a stout (but not pressurized) spray. Using a downward angled spray, wash away the dirt and grime without damaging your home’s exterior.
    6. Wash Gutters- Clear out loose debris and run your water hose through your gutters to make sure things are working properly. The winter can mean lots of debris builds up in them and can cause backups when springtime rains happen.
    7. Pretreat Any Driveway Stains- Oil stains are common complaints in driveways. Pretreat them for a few days before cleaning with some kitty litter or sawdust. Many times, these can draw out oil stains and make them less noticeable.
    8. Wash Driveway and Sidewalks- After pretreating and sweeping up any debris, it’s time to wash your sidewalks and driveways. A deck brush and soap or washing soda can make this job easy. Wet the area, scrub it down with the brush, and then wash away the residue with your garden hose’s attachment.

    Now that the outside of your home is sparkling, it’s a great time to stand back and admire your gleaming fresh home. This year, clean your home’s exterior with minimal effort in a few hours, you’ll be proud you did!

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