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    Six Ways to Add Closet Space

    We could all use a bigger closet! For some reason, no matter the size of your closet, it’s easy for it to become overrun with stuff. Since it’s not always possible to overhaul a closet without removing walls and spending thousands, it’s a smart idea to adapt. These genius products and hacks for your closets will make getting dressed easier and give you tons more space! 

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    1. Over the Door Shoe Holder: This shoe holder is unique! It can be doubled up for twice the storage, and it can also hold purses and bags along the bottom hooks. The doors are an often forgotten place to maximize storage in a closet. Don’t forget to use this forgotten bonus spot. 
    2. Slim Hangers: Bulky hangers are taking up too much of your closet space! Change that by switching over to these slim hangers. Not only are they a fraction of the bulk, opening up your hanging bar space, but they’re also made to grip your items better than wire or plastic clothes hangers. 
    3. Pants Hangers: Go vertical! Organizers agree that optimizing vertical space is one of the best things you can do to increase your space. Use these stacked pants hangers to hang several pairs of pants in the space that would formerly only hold one pair of pants!
    4. Hanging Shelves: If you’re short on storage pieces in the rest of your home, these hanging shelves, complete with drawers, are a perfect way to store folded clothes. This hanging product can be easily moved to fit with any closet configuration. This is a unique product that maximizes vertical space, and give your closet a custom feel. 
    5. Long Reach Grabber Tool: Those high shelves in your closet aren’t doing you any good if you can’t reach them! Gain new vertical space by using this grabber. It can hang inside your closet and make simple work of reaching up to grab that box of scarves or pair of rarely-worn heels!
    6. Under Bed Storage: This hack is not really an in-closet device, but it will free up tons of space! Rolling under-the bed boxes are a perfect way to maximize a spot that is usually home to dust bunnies. Store clothes under the bed in the off-season to free up a huge chunk of your closet space. 

    What are your favorite ways to save space in a closet? We’re always looking for ideas. We’d love to hear from you! 

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