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    Simplify Beach Day Cleanup With These Hacks

    Spending the day in the sand is fun no matter your age. When you come back home though, there’s likely a huge mess of sandy floors and dirty laundry to deal with. A relaxing day by the water can be quickly undone when the reality of the mess becomes clear.

    Reclaim your beach days with these tips and hacks. A little preparation, some genius ideas, and a few simple changes will make your beach day fun and minimize the cleanup in your home. Take a look to learn more, and let us know your favorite beach hacks!

    1.  A mesh hamper for toys- Tote toys to the beach in a lightweight mesh hamper. Give it a shake after you pack it up for the day to let any excess sand fall through the cracks.
    2.  Make a fitted sheet into your own sand-less fortress- Bring a large fitted sheet to the beach. Lay it upside down and use your coolers, beach bags, and other items to fill and secure each corner. The sides will create a barrier to keep sand from your belongings throughout the day!
    3. Outdoor shower for rinsing feet- If your beach house doesn’t have an outdoor shower (a lifesaver for sand removal) then consider a portable camping shower. You’ll appreciate keeping the mess outside and will ensure sand, salt, and chlorine won’t make it inside.
    4. Baby powder for sandy legs- If you can’t get to a shower right away, rub a small amount of baby powder onto your skin following the beach. The powder makes sand magically slough off and will make you sand-free without having to use water.
    5. Keep a mini broom and dustpan in the car- It’s not always possible to vacuum the car regularly. Keep a mini broom and dustpan handy. Sweep out excess sand between using the vacuum.
    6. Place a laundry basket inside the door- Give family members a place to dump their sandy and wet towels and shoes. Eliminating a few steps through the house with dirty beach clothes will make cleanup easier. Plus, a central location makes laundry collection even quicker!
    7. Go shoe free inside- Flip flops will inevitably track in loads of sand. Enforce a shoe free policy during beach days. If you don’t like to be shoeless inside, leave some house shoes by the door for easy swaps.
    8. Remove water spots on wooden furniture with an iron- If someone laid a wet towel on your wooden coffee table, it likely it left a watermark. Remove watermarks easily with this trick. You’ll need an iron and a piece of fabric. Place the fabric on the table and then hold the iron in place for 10 seconds. The water spot will disappear before your eyes!
    9. Get rid of musty smells in upholstered furniture- Wet bathing suits, towels, and damp hair can all make your furniture smell musty over time. It’s hard to keep these things off the couch, but it’s easy to remove the smell. Spray a mixture of one cup water and one tablespoon vinegar on the area. Don’t worry, your couch won’t smell like a pickle. The vinegar will dissipate and take with it the funky smell.
    10. Remove sunscreen stains from clothing- Sunscreen can leave stains on your clothes. If you’re noticing some spots, try this trick. Pour some baking soda or cornstarch on the stain and let it sit for an hour. Remove the soda or cornstarch and then scrub with your favorite detergent, rinse with hot water, then launder as normal!

    We hope these hacks make it easier for you to cleanup following some fun in the sun. Let us know what your favorite tips are, we’d love to add a few before our own beach trips this year!

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