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    Shake off the Winter Doldrums and Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

    We can all agree that we’re over winter! Although we can’t control the weather and fast forward to spring, we CAN start on our spring cleaning! With these helpful tips, you can get your house spring ready in no time. Then, when spring has sprung, you can get outside and enjoy the season knowing that you’ve completed your spring cleaning before everyone else!

    We’ve simplified your spring cleaning to-do list into a one-stop index that’ll leave your home looking great. Pour yourself an extra-large cup of coffee and let this list guide you through a whole house of deep cleaning tips and tricks.


    • Sort through your pantry and fridge. Toss anything expired.
    • Wipe the insides of your refrigerator with a mild cleaner. Clean any sticky spills by placing a hot water and cleaner soaked cloth on them for 10-15 minutes.
    • Soak cotton balls in vinegar and place them on lime buildup around faucets. After an hour or two, the lime will wipe away easily.
    • Start high and work down. Wipe cabinets from top to bottom to remove greasy buildup and dirt.
    • Remove objects from counters and wash counters and backsplash.
    • Detail clean any small kitchen appliances.
    • Scrub floor tile grout with a stiff brush and clean floors. Re-seal grout.
    • Clean the interior of the microwave by heating a microwave safe bowl filled with a 50/50 vinegar and water mixture. This loosens any residue and makes it simple to wipe away. Clean the outside of the microwave as well.
    • Run a clean cycle on your oven then wipe away debris.
    • Remove stovetop grates and clean the surfaces with a scrub brush and cooktop safe cleaner.
    • Wipe the interior of your dishwasher. Then place two bowls of vinegar in the top and bottom racks. Run a hot dishwasher cycle to clean away any smells.
    • Give kitchen walls a wipe down to remove sneaky food splatters.
    • Wash the kitchen trash can with soap and hot water.

    Dining Room-

    • Dust any chandeliers or light fixtures.
    • Clean and polish your dining room table with a wood cleaner.
    • Spot clean any upholstered chairs and vacuum with a hose attachment.
    • Wash table linens.


    • Clean and dust high light fixtures.
    • Place cotton balls or paper towels soaked with bleach on any mildew spots around caulked areas. This will remove any stubborn stains.
    • Repeat the vinegar trick from the kitchen list to remove any lime buildup around faucets.
    • Fill a gallon freezer bag half full with vinegar. Tie it around your shower head. This will dissolve any buildup that could slow down your showerhead.
    • Clean and re-seal any grout areas.
    • Remove and wash your fabric shower curtains and any washable floor mats.
    • Wash your bathroom trash can with soap and hot water.
    • Clean mirrors and wipe with a coffee filter or newsprint to shine the surface without leaving lint.


    • Remove duvet covers and pillow shams then launder them as necessary.
    • Rotate your mattress to prevent uneven wear. Vacuum the mattress.
    • Fluff curtains by placing them in the dryer along with a damp towel for 20-30 minutes.
    • Detail dust nightstands and other furniture.
    • Clean mirrors and wipe with a coffee filter or newsprint to shine the surface.

    Den/Living Room-

    • Wipe fingerprints from television screens with a screen safe cleaner.
    • Detail dust bookshelves and end tables.
    • Clean wood burning fireplaces to remove soot and ashes.
    • Wipe clean then condition any leather furniture.
    • Vacuum in between cushions and on upholstered surfaces.
    • Launder any washer-safe slipcovers. Spot clean upholstery that can’t be laundered.

    Laundry Room-

    • Use an approved HE washing machine cleaner to clean inside HE washing machines.
    • Clean dryer lint catcher.
    • Vacuum inside the dryer vent and the vent hose to remove any debris and lint.
    • Clean the exteriors of washer and dryers to remove any dust or soap residue.


    • Throughout the house, remove curtains and fluff them in a warm dryer with a damp cloth for 20-30 minutes. (If manufacturer directions allow.)
    • Wipe window blinds with a damp cloth.
    • Clean interior windows with coffee filters or newsprint.

    General Household-

    • Clean baseboards with a wet cloth and mild cleaner.
    • Vacuum air vents with a detail hose.
    • Dust ceiling light fixtures and ceiling fans.
    • Dust crown moldings.
    • Spot clean carpet stains with a paste made of 2 parts baking soda, 1 part peroxide, and 1 part dish soap. Clean with a scrub brush and rinse away with clean water. (Test in an inconspicuous spot before using.)
    • Polish wood floors.
    • Vacuum high and low corners to remove cobwebs or dirt.
    • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries and replace.





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