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    Seven Resolutions Your House Wants You to Make This Year

    You’ve probably made some New Year’s resolutions already. From diet and exercise to relationship goals, the new year gives us a renewed focus. Your home is your biggest investment; why not make it a priority in the new year?

    Take your pick from these resolutions to keep your home happy and beautiful in 2019!

    1. Schedule Maintenance– Yearly and quarterly checkups should be a priority for your health, but don’t forget your home. From seasonal HVAC tune ups to air duct cleaning, several home systems need regular checkups by professionals. At the beginning of each month, make appointments with certified professionals as needed.
    2. Plan on Deep Cleaning- Household appliances and all the working parts need to be cleaned regularly to work their best. Make a plan to deep clean your dishwasher or defrost your freezer to keep things in tip top shape.
    3. Think About Curb Appeal- Reevaluate your exterior spaces. What could be done to make your home look more inviting? Consider focusing on upgrading your home’s exterior this year. A new door color or exterior lighting can be a fun way to reimagine your home’s first impression this coming year.
    4. Evaluate Your Spaces- Your home might feel cramped or stuffy because you’ve accumulated an excess of stuff. Take a look at each room with fresh eyes. Focus on the cluttered collection zones and ask how they could be improved. Organize or declutter as you see fit and enjoy your spaces even more.
    5. Spruce Up Your Floors- This resolution might mean setting aside some funds as the year goes on, but it will be worth it! Consider having your wood floors refinished or your carpets deep cleaned. It’s a great way to make your home feel fresh and new and give your floors a new lease on life.
    6. Invest in Eco-Friendly Devices- Smart thermostats, a tankless water heater, or even smart bulbs are ways you can make your home work smarter this year. Save energy, money, and even hassle by upgrading some of your home’s systems.
    7. Fix That One Thing- Set aside a few hours each month to fix those small things around the house that often get ignored. Nail holes, broken hinges, or paint chips can affect our overall perception of a space. Take some time to finish the tasks you’ve put off and feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. You’ll appreciate seeing a completed project, and your home will be guest ready.

    These resolutions are only a start. Let us know what you’re resolving to do around your home this coming year. We’re excited to hear what’s on your to-do lists!

    From us at the Ferzoco Group, we wish you a happy and safe new year!

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    Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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