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    Q: How Do You Navigate Repair Requests?



    Here’s how to navigate home inspection repair requests.


    With the market we’re in right now, with such low inventory and high demand, we’re still seeing a lot of deals fall apart, and home inspections are the primary reason why. Specifically, the misunderstanding of repair requests stemming from these home inspections. 


    If you’re a buyer, what’s considered an appropriate repair request? For starters, anything that has to do with health and safety. If you get your home inspection back and there are health and safety issues, you should definitely request remedies for those issues. Also, prioritize issues that can’t be identified when walking simply through the home. For example, you may not be able to identify a roof leak while doing a walk-through, but that’s something you should request for repair. 


    “Make sure you work with an experienced agent who knows how to be a calming influence.”


    What’s considered an illegitimate repair request? A broken window is a common item in this case. The cost of repairing a broken window should instead be reflected in your offer, which your agent should help you adjust during the home inspection process. This is why it’s critical to consider the experience level of your agent before hiring them to represent you. If they only work part time, aren’t from the area you’re buying in, or aren’t used to these types of dealings, you should probably opt for another agent. 


    If you’re a seller, understand that buyers are looking at the home from a different perspective than you. Many buyers look at a real estate transaction as a business transaction, but sellers tend to think of their listing as their home—the place where they raised their family or vacationed to for many years. This fact tends to provoke an emotional reaction somewhere along the line. As with buyers, make sure you work with an experienced agent who knows how to be a calming influence and help guide everyone involved in the transaction to the desired result: a closing. 


    If you’d like to know more about navigating requests for home repairs or have any real estate needs at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the Ferzoco Group. We’d love to help you.




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