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    Off Season Projects for Your Rental Property

    The busy summer season makes it difficult to complete renovation and repair projects on your rental. Why not take advantage of the off-season and holiday breaks to coordinate some upgrades to your rental property this year. 


    These ideas will give you some inspiration to have your property in tip-top shape before the busy season next year! 


    • Spend the Night: If you haven’t spent a night in your rental properties lately, now is a great time to plan a getaway. Get the perspective of your guests by seeing what works, what does, and what can be made even better during a quick stay in your property. 
    • Take a Look at Supplies: Normal wear and tear can wreak havoc on towels, dishes, and your rental’s amenities. Consider refreshing the worn out pieces with new linens. Replace broken or missing dishes and glassware during this season. You might even take advantage of Black Friday sales to purchase things at deep discounts for your space. 
    • Touch Up: Your baseboards, doors, cabinets, and more could likely use some touchup paint during the off season. Arm yourself with a small can of paint and a few foam brushes to make this a quick and easy project. You’ll notice the space looks fresh and new with just a few swipes of fresh paint. 
    • Have Floors Professionally Cleaned: Between sandy feet, spills, and normal use, your rental’s floors take a beating during the summer months. Consider having a professional company come to clean the carpets or shine your wood floors while your rental is empty. 
    • Upgrade the Decor: Now is the time to paint, rearrange, and redecorate. The fall and winter season give you a chance to take stock and update anything that’s looking a bit tired or drab. 
    • Have HVAC Inspected: If you aren’t doing this yearly, it’s a great time to start. Ensure there aren’t any issues next summer by investing some time into your property’s HVAC. A tune-up is a small investment for some peace of mind. 
    • Schedule Big Repairs: If you’ve been needing a new roof or want to replace the carpet, this is the perfect time. You won’t lose rental income and you can schedule the repairs at your leisure when not having to consider guests.
    • Take New Photos: If your rental has changed since you last took website photos, now is a good time to have that done. Spruce up the decor and have professional photos taken. This will make your listing shine on rental sites. 
    • Consider New Ways to Advertise: Were you booked solid last year, or is there room for improvement? This is a great time to reconsider your booking website, social media presence, and other ways of advertising your rental. Think about ways to spread the word and entice people to book as soon as possible! 


    While the off season can feel frustratingly slow for rental owners. These ideas will help you to spruce up your space and make it shine for next summer’s renters. 

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