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    Maximum Summer Energy Savings with Minimal Effort

    The summer utility bill comes with its own brand of sticker shock! Long, hot days can make your meter go into overdrive. With air conditioners on, the kids home from school, and the lazy hazy days of summer keeping everyone inside, it’s no wonder things get pricey.

    If you think the only solution is to turn the AC to 80 and just sweat it out, you’re wrong! Here are some great tips for saving on your bills this summer that are cheap and no sweat (literally!).

    Tame the Sun

    If you have a summertime urge to spruce up your living space, try adding energy-efficient curtains. Many retailers sell blackout or energy efficient shades and curtains that will control the light and keep heat out during hot days. Draw the curtains during peak times to keep cooler and save some cash!

    Use Tech

    Whether you’re out of the house at the beach for the day or leaving your house for an extended period, set your thermostat to run a few degrees warmer. Most homes have smart thermostats that can do this job for you. If not, set phone alarms to remind you to turn it up a little each day before you leave. But beware, don’t turn it off entirely! Completely turning off your unit during the day just means the unit will work twice as hard when you turn it back on later.

    Take a Look at Vents

    Closing off your air vents in certain rooms mean that the AC won’t run in those selected rooms, right? Wrong. This common misconception can make your utility bills skyrocket. Open up the vents to allow the air to flow freely. The unit won’t have to work as hard and you’ll be happier with your bills.

    Keep Electricity Hogs in Check

    Did you know that gaming consoles are some of the biggest energy sucking culprits? Plug your systems into a power strip that is easily turned on and off. When you aren’t home or playing with your devices, you can unplug them to save some extra green. You can also unplug rarely used appliances and chargers when they aren’t in use. This is an easy way to go green and save some green in the process.

    Do the Night Shift

    Start doing the laundry at night when the sun goes down. Your dryer works against the cooling of your air conditioner causing an electrical tug-of-war. During the hot months, try waiting until the sun goes down (and temps are naturally lower) to run your washer and dryer.

    Counter-Clockwise is Cooler

    Help nature by encouraging the heat to rise where it belongs. Set your household ceiling fans to turn counter-clockwise. This will encourage the hot air upwards and the cool air to stay low, where you want it. Plus, using ceiling fans is a great way to help save on air those summertime conditioning bills.

    It really is possible to save some money on your energy bills this summer. Just try a few of these tips and encourage the family to work together to save some of that valuable cash for more fun in the sun this summer!

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