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    Make Your Rental Stand Out During the Peak Season with These 10 Tips

    If you own vacation rental property in Cape May County, you know the competition is fierce this time of year. Everyone is vying for the attention of potential renters and hoping to secure solid bookings throughout the summer season.

    Your rental could be in a good location and look great but not get the action you think it should. These tips will give you some ideas to make your rental stand apart to those searching and ensure repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations for seasons to come!

    1. Hit Social Media- Your rental is likely advertised on a booking site, but it’s also a great idea to use social media to extend your reach. Post photos on a dedicated Instagram account or share local info and booking links through a Facebook page for your property. Create a unique hashtag incorporating your rental’s name to use for your posts. Encourage visitors to use the special hashtag when they post photos of your rental to their personal social media. Expanding your reach is a surefire way to ensure business for years to come.
    2. Create a Cozy Space- Your listing photos need to show that your space is optimal for visitors. Create spaces that look relaxing and cozy with the help of a few comfortable pillows, throw blankets, cushy chairs, and luxurious bedding. Guests will enjoy a laid back place to return after a day at the beach or spent exploring the area.
    3. A Hearty Welcome- If you make a guest feel special, they’ll likely return. Create a simple welcome basket for each renter. Include water bottles, snacks, sunscreen, and a few other vacation essentials in a basket or gift bag. These little perks will make your guests feel like they’re valued and welcomed to your rental property.
    4. Give Renters Activities- Include brochures or other info about local happenings for guests. Some days visitors don’t want to hit the beach, give them options in the area. We post great weekly guides to activities here on the Ferzoco Group blog. Link weekend events on your social media accounts to share with guests looking for options.
    5. An Outdoor Shower- This is an extra that makes for guests more comfortable and gives your rental an edge. An outdoor shower is a parent’s dream when returning with sandy children and gives visitors a chance to keep the mess contained when returning from a beach day!
    6. Beach Gear- It’s no fun to have to travel with bulky gear. Offer some amenities such as lightweight chairs, beach towels, and inflatable toys to your guests. These items can be a fun way to give visitors the option of beach fun without having to haul their own items to the beach.
    7. Highlight Local Attractions- A book with local takeout options, a guide to favorite restaurants, and a few ideas for area sights are all special ways to make a guest’s stay more enjoyable. Create a laminated book to keep in a central location to inform guests of the best local amenities located near your rental.
    8. Offer Something Renters Don’t Have at Home- Your rental will stand apart if you offer something extra. Consider adding in a hot tub or steam shower. Guests likely won’t have these items in their own house. The added luxury gives visitors something special to remember about their visit.
    9. Banish Boredom- It’s inevitable, rain or chilly days will put a damper on a guest’s beach day plans. Make sure you have plenty of indoor activities for those days when a guest can’t venture out. Board games are a vacation option that gives renters something to do that they may rarely find time for in their life at home. A few well curated novels or some DVDs are some other ways to turn around a guest’s impression when their beach plans fall through.
    10. Add a Personal Component- Follow up with your renters following their stay and invite them to come back. A handwritten thank you note or a simple e-mail are all great ways to let your guests know they’re valued.

    With some extra attention to detail, your rental will stand out in a sea of similar options. Gaining an edge on the competition and going the extra mile for guests will ensure your home is booked solid and you can get a great rate for years to come. Consider trying a few of these options before the peak travel season this year!

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