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    Make Your Kitchen a Gourmet Dream

    Whether you’re already a gourmet chef or hoping to up the ante, a well-appointed kitchen is key. Professional chefs use a few tricks of the trade to make their kitchens work well. We have ranked our top 9 tips from zero dollars to big spender to help you up your cooking game. 

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    1. Garbage Bowl- Keep a large bowl on your counter for quickly disposing of scraps, egg shells, wrappers and more. When you’re done cooking, you can toss the trash and save tons of time and energy. Restaurant kitchens have easy access to garbage cans, keeping a workspace clear of unnecessary clutter. Employ this same hack with a bowl to save trips. 
    2. Arm’s Reach- Keep your tools within a close range when you cook. The ability to grab a second spoon or a whisk when needed will help to make your cooking efficient and easy. A large crock can hold your utensils in a convenient spot. It will save you from having to dig through a messy drawer when you’re in a pinch! 
    3. Ditch the Uni-Taskers- While an avocado slicing gadget may make avocado toasts a breeze, it’s taking up valuable kitchen space. Pro chefs don’t use crazy gadgets that are only good for one purpose. Practice your knife skills to make kitchen chores easier. You’ll find that before long, your cooking game is tons easier without the gadgets clogging up your drawers. 
    4. Go Pro with Your Storage Pieces- Pro kitchens rarely have a cabinet overflowing with mismatched plastic storage boxes. For storing food prep or extras, pros use these pint and quart containers. They’re cheap, stack easily inside of one another, and take up a fraction of the space. Plus, if you ever send meals to friends, you won’t need to track down the expensive storage ware. 
    5. Keep Knives Sharp- Sharpening your knives is key in the kitchen. But it’s also necessary to consider storage. Consider investing in magnetic knife strips to store knives nearby and in a way that will preserve the blade for years to come. 
    6. Give Cast Iron a Try- If you haven’t tried some good cast iron pans yet, what are you waiting for? A cast iron skillet that is properly seasoned is the perfect way to effortlessly sear, shallow fry foods, and provides an amazing nonstick surface. 
    7. Invest in a Pot Filler- If you’re looking to spend a bit of money and want  to make cooking a breeze, a pot filler is a great option. Install above your stove to avoid heavy trips from the sink while cooking. 
    8. Spend Money Where it Counts- When upgrading appliances, consider which ones you use the most. Do you cook for large crowds? Consider double ovens. Cooking for two with a gourmet spin? Consider a fantastic gas range. Prioritize what you use the most and buy the best you can afford. 
    9. Design with Function in Mind- Are you ready to overhaul your entire kitchen? This isn’t a time to DIY. A kitchen designer can design a kitchen that’s both efficient and beautiful. A working triangle is an important part of good kitchen design. A great designer can make a design that works with your floor plan and your budget to create a kitchen fit for a five star chef. 

    While becoming a brilliant chef takes time, these tips are perfect for making your world famous chili just a little bit more tasty and make dinnertime cooking a breeze! 

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