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    Make Your Home a Safer Place for Your Furry Family Members

    Our pets are the friends who love us unconditionally and give us the very best snuggles after a hard day. Likely you’ve already taken precautions to safeguard your home from some of the big ones such as chocolate, for example. But we bet you didn’t know that there are other household items and plants that are also potentially harmful to the cats and dogs in our homes. Take a look at this list and make sure you’re doing things to make sure your pets are around for years to come.

    • Cleaning Products- If you had children in the house, you would ensure the cleaning products weren’t accessible. But you should do the same for pets. Products in shaker cans can easily tip over and be ingested by curious pets. Laundry and dishwasher pods are also usually stored in open containers and can be deadly to your pet.
    • Grapes- Grapes, raisins, and other varieties of these fruits can cause kidney failure in cats and dogs. Make sure you don’t leave these in accessible areas and immediately clear up spills from young and messy human eaters.
    • Grass- Cats like to nibble on grass as do other pets. It can be harmful for many reasons. Grass can actually get stuck in a cat’s nose and cause respiratory distress to them.
    • Insects– Of course flea and tick prevention is something you’ve thought about for your animals. Pets can get stings from bees and wasps just like humans. Keep pets away from stinging insect infested areas.
    • Grills- The smell of grilled meat can be irresistible to humans and pets alike. Watch Fido around hot barbeque grills this summer to ensure he doesn’t get too curious and experience severe burns.
    • Flowers- Many garden flowers are poisonous to pets. Research the safety of your garden’s varieties and change them up if necessary.
    • Caffeine- Aside from an even more active pet, caffeine can have scary effects on pets. Racing hearts and vomiting can result from a pet slurping down a cup of joe. Make sure drinks are kept away from pets who might be prone to stealing a taste.
    • Raw Meat- Humans are well aware that raw meat is unsafe. Some people think tossing some raw beef or chicken parts to their pets is just fine. Pets can contract salmonella poisoning just as easily as humans and run the same risks of infection. If you want to share some steak with your furry friends, make sure it’s properly cooked to avoid foodborne illness.

    You love your pets, following these tips will help to keep them healthy and safe for many years to come!

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