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    Maintenance Tips For Your Jersey Shore Vacation Home

    ferz 6-10For many, Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer, and vacationers are flocking to the Jersey Shore. Follow these maintenance tips to get your Jersey Shore vacation home ready to welcome guests.

    • Inspect the patio or deck of your home for any deterioration that may have occurred over the winter. Examine your patio or deck for any boards that may be loose or any nails that may now be protruding.
    • If your vacation home has a washing machine, inspect the hose and replace if it shows signs of wear and or may be leaking.
    • Have your home’s air conditioning (AC) unit serviced. Routine maintenance can prevent you from having unwanted and untimely emergencies. Now is also a great time to change out the filters on your AC. This should be done routinely.
    • Inspect the roof of your home for any damage that may have occurred during the colder winter months. Finding something small and having it fixed now can prevent you from having a large leak in the future.
    • Clean your home’s gutters from any debris.
    • Power-wash and clean your home’s siding.
    • Test all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and replace their batteries.

    Summer is a great time along the Jersey Shore. First and foremost, make sure you home is safe and ready to welcome guests.
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