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    Laundry Hacks to Make Your Life a Little Easier

    Laundry is a fact of life that we all have to think about. From stains to folding, it’s a chore that very few people enjoy, yet we all have to do it.

    If you’re looking for some simple ways to improve your laundry routine, take a look at these options. They are some interesting ideas that could change your washing for the better. After you read these, let us know, do you have any laundry hacks that you swear by?

    1. Daily loads are the way to go- It’s time to leave the idea of a dedicated “laundry day” to the 1950s housewives. Start a routine of a daily laundry load. Most families can justify this sort of routine and have enough to wash each day. Decide on a time that works best for you. It may be after the kids go to bed, or while you’re doing your morning routine. Keep the laundry going on a regular basis to avoid a pileup or set in funky smells.
    2. Learn what does and does not need to be washed- Undergarments, tees, and kids clothes usually need to be washed daily. But your jeans, dresses, and sweaters don’t need a daily wash. Save some time and energy by assessing whether or not your clothes truly need to be washed each time you wear them. Some families cut back on towel laundry by hanging towels to dry following baths and showers. Specific hooks for each family member make this an easy hack to adopt.
    3. Try a “no fold” method- If you have kids, their clothes can be a pain to fold and put away. Try a “no fold” method. Sort tops, bottoms, and underclothes into different drawers and skip the folding. Small items may not benefit from folding and can be stored easily without the stress of a tedious mountain of folding.
    4. Make your own dryer sheets- Save yourself some money by making dryer sheets from new kitchen sponges. Create a solution of equal parts water and fabric softener and soak the sponges in the solution. Squeeze the excess out and toss a sponge in the dryer. When you’re done drying, toss it back into the solution for next time.
    5. Sorting is overrated- It ’s possible you may not need to sort your clothes by color. Aside from new or heavily dyed items, your laundry does not need to be sorted into several piles. Try sticking to a darks load and a lights load to make your job simpler!
    6. Stop the HE stink- High efficiency (HE) washers are great for the environment, but they can get smelly- fast! To avoid a smelly gasket situation, keep the door ajar following loads. The air circulation can help to dry out the parts and keep them from forming smelly mildew.
    7. Pretreat with this magic cleaner- Pretreating is the best way to save your clothes when spills or stains happen. A solution of dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide is a great recipe for removing most any stain. Use a cleaning toothbrush to work the solution into the fabric and toss the item into the laundry basket.
    8. Create your own clothesline in small spaces- Using removable strips, hang clothespins onto your washer or dryer front and side. This is a great way to create a spot for items that must be hung to dry in small spaces.
    9. Never forget that sweater again- It’s so hard to remember those delicate items when switching a load to the dryer! Grab a dedicated dry erase marker to use on your washer’s lid. Write a note to yourself to remember to grab any items that shouldn’t go through the dryer.
    10. Switch to similar socks- One of the simplest hacks for making your life easier lies in your sock drawer. While we may all enjoy multiple pairs of fun socks, families can make life easier by only purchasing bulk packages of one or two types of socks for their kids. By eliminating the need to match and fold socks, missing socks won’t matter and you’ll save countless unnecessary hours over the course of a year.

    We hope these hacks make your life a little easier. Let us know, what are your favorite ways to make laundry a little less of a chore?

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