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    Know The Regulations Before Submitting An Offer On Your Dream Home Along The Shore

    hoaMany neighborhoods these days are organized into developments, and often with those developments come rules and regulations that you will have to follow as a home owner. While searching for a home along the Jersey Shore it’s important to know about any regulations on a home before submitting an offer.

    Before submitting an offer on your dream home along the shore, read the regulations thoroughly!

    Many developments come with a Home Owners Association (HOA) that has rules and regulations in place to help the development continue to portray the image that they want. However, some of those rules and regulations can be very restrictive.  By failing to read the rules thoroughly before you submit an offer on your dream home, you may find out the hard way that you don’t agree with one of those rules.

    HOA rules and regulations will detail what things can and cannot happen where you live. These rules and regulations can be something as simple as certain times you are not allowed to park on the street to more extensive regulations such as what changes you can or cannot make to the outside of your home.

    Assume your family has more vehicles that can fit in your driveway, meaning that one is left to be parked on the street overnight. If the rules state you can’t park on the street overnight then you could find yourself with hefty fines.  This is just one example of many things you need to consider when reading the rules and regulations thoroughly.

    Another common regulation you may encounter is regarding pets. Some developments limit the number of dogs you can have at one time, or the type of pets you can have, or various other issues regarding pets.  Don’t wait till you move in to be surprised that you have to say goodbye to a pet.

    Many homeowners like living in a community that has rules and regulations, but it’s also important that you feel comfortable living in your home. Know and understand all the rules and make sure they are a right fit for you and your family before submitting an offer on a Jersey Shore home.

    The help of an experienced real estate agent is needed to help guide you throughout all aspects of the home buying process. If buying or selling your home along the Jersey Shore is in your plans it would be our pleasure to help. Our job is to make your tomorrow better than today. Contact us today via email or give us a call directly at 609-264-6762.


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