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    Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away

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    Whether you’re visiting family members over the holidays or just vacationing some place warm, you don’t want to have to worry about whether your property and belongings are safe while you’re away during the winter. Here are six things you can do to ensure that the home you come back to is safe and sound:

    1. Let your neighbors know that you’ll be gone. Have them keep an eye out for any unfamiliar faces, strange noises, or lights popping on and off at odd hours.
    2. Consider installing a WiFi doorbell. Products like SkyBell videotape your property whenever someone comes up to your front door and rings the doorbell. You can then download the product’s app to your mobile device and stay connected to any video activity.
    3. Keep your exterior lights active. Lights activated by motion detectors act as a great deterrent to any potential burglars.
    4. Contact your post office about holding your mail. A bunch of newspapers accumulating at the top of your driveway is a surefire sign to any wandering eye that the owner of the house isn’t home. Aside from contacting the post office, you can also ask your neighbor to pick up your newspapers for you.
    5. Bring in any outdoor furniture that has padding or cushions. If you’re away during a winter storm, your outdoor furniture may become damaged. Outdoor furniture can even damage your house if it’s light enough to be lifted into the air by a strong wind.
    6. Double-check that your doors and windows are locked. Statistics show that 30% of all home invasions happen through an unforced entry, meaning an unlocked window or door.

    30% of all home invasions are done via unforced entry.

    Visiting relatives or relaxing on a beach somewhere can be made all the more enjoyable by knowing that your property and your belongings are safe.

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