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    Keep Your Teen Safe While Visiting The Jersey Shore

    teensIf you have a vacation home along the shore or will be visiting the Jersey Shore for vacation this year with your teenager, keeping them safe may seem more difficult in this digital age. Traveling with teens brings with it happiness and challenges. It can sometimes be tough to keep your teens safe when all they want to do is roam. A successful vacation with your teen may mean you need to strike the right balance of providing them with the freedom they want, while also providing the right amount of parental oversight.

    Here are a few tips to help keep your teen safe while visiting the Jersey Shore.

    Knowledge Is Power

    Your teen may think they know it all and that you have no idea what you’re talking about – not uncommon at this age. Before heading to the Jersey Shore go over water safety whether your family plans to hit the beach or not. It never hurts to remind them how to stay safe while visiting the ocean. Also, once you arrive have your teen familiarize themselves with the area you’re staying in, as well as, local transportation and areas to avoid.

    Check In

    While your teen is off exploring have them stay in touch by checking in. Before they head off on their own set up regular times for them to check in to let you know they are okay.

    Go In Groups

    Stress the need to travel in groups. Don’t let your teen walk off alone, especially at night.

    Health Risks

    The heat can be brutal at times along the Jersey Shore and one can quickly become dehydrated. Teens are notorious for not staying hydrated during the warm days. Don’t assume your teen will drink enough water or apply enough sunscreen. Always remind them to stay hydrated and keep their skin protected from the sun.


    To keep your teenager safe and provide enough quality family time together consider an early curfew while on vacation. Regrouping each night for a family dinner is a great way to end each day along the Shore.

    There is a lot of fun to be had at the Jersey Shore for all ages, and safety should be of the utmost concern no matter what age you or your children are. Stay safe and enjoy your time.

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