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    How to Safeguard Your Home Against Allergens

    Your home should be a safe haven. For people with allergies, a home can become a battleground against allergens and other irritants. For those with allergy induced asthma, it’s extremely important to make your home’s air clean and pure. There’s no reason your home should make you miserable because it triggers your allergies. Take a look at these tips for reducing the allergens in your home and making it a safe haven once again.

    • Change Your Air Filter– Your home’s HVAC unit filters most of the air in your home. Make sure allergens aren’t recirculating by changing out your home’s filter monthly. This will keep your HVAC running smoothly and your allergies at bay.
    • Vacuum Smarter– Your vacuum is a great way to remove dust and debris from the floor. It can work even better if it contains a HEPA filter to contain the pesky allergens. As you vacuum, dust mites and allergens enter the vacuum. The air exiting your vacuum can contain all the triggers for those suffering from allergies. A HEPA filtration system will trap those allergens and keep them from cycling back into your home’s air.
    • Wash Your Fabrics– Think about all the fabric surfaces in your home. Your sheets, curtains, pillows, upholstered furniture, and other spots can harbor the icky allergens you’re hoping to avoid. Wash these items regularly in hot water (130 degrees is a good temperature) to lessen them in your home and reduce overall exposure.
    • Keep a Tidy House– Dust is made up of all the things you’re hoping to avoid if you suffer from allergies. Regularly remove the physical dust from furniture, baseboards, ceiling fans, and other household surfaces. Using a wet dusting method (with a spray or a slightly damp cloth) is the best way to remove the dust from surfaces without stirring it up further.
    • Eliminate Mold- Mold is an allergen for most people, but for some it creates life threatening allergic reactions. If your home had a water leak in the past year, check for areas where mold could have formed. If you suspect a mold issue, take care of it quickly. This is usually a job for experts, and you’ll be glad to have it taken care of.
    • Shoe Free is the Way to Be– Removing your shoes at the door is an important step you can take to keep allergens out of your home. From pollen and dander to mold and germs, you bring in a variety of bad things on your shoes. Consider having a no-shoe policy to keep your space cleaner.
    • Invest in an Air Purifier– Your home’s air quality is of the utmost importance if you have a family member with allergies. Consider investing in an air purifier for your home. There are both small purifiers that fit on tabletops and larger units that filter the whole home’s air. Although the investment could be a bit of a shock, the benefits of a filtration system can make the difference for those who have difficulties keeping allergies at bay.

    These tips are great to keep in mind if you want to breathe easy in your home. Try implementing one or all of them in your space to reduce allergens and have an overall cleaner home.

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