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    How to Make Your Home Look Great to Millennial Buyers

    Millennials are a powerhouse home buying force. If you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s important to make it look appealing to this generation of buyers. These are some fun and different ideas for adding a bit of a modern, millennial flair to your decorating style.

    Millennials have truly developed a fresh and modern signature style. This look is not difficult to recreate, and definitely within reach by just adding a few touches around your home

    • Decorate by touch– Adding texture is a great way to add some modern elements to a room. Adding a faux sheepskin throw over the end of a sofa can accomplish this. You could also add some rattan baskets in varying textures to make your space look fresh and vibrant.
    • Persian rugs equal love– Persian rugs are making a comeback in a huge way! The look is less stuffy in favor of a more weathered vintage look. Adding a splash of color to otherwise monochromatic rooms, these rugs are a great choice that incorporates a classic look with a modern twist. Gravitate toward fuchsia, navy, and bright jewel tones to add an even more millennial statement piece.
    • Accent with hot metals– brushed golds are still a classic and modern touch and just as popular as ever. But “Millennial Pink” as a color trend has given way to rose gold as the metal of choice. Add in some accent pieces such as candle holders or a sleek coffee table tray.
    • Marvelous marble– marble topped tables, coasters, and even phone cases have all upped the ante in design. Whether it’s faux marble or something make out of a luxurious Carrara marble slab, you can’t go wrong with this bit of rock!
    • Prints are you friend– Add some bold and modern flair to your furniture pieces by adding some throw pillows with a bold pattern. Stripes or ikat patterns are two super popular and of-the-moment choices.
    • Bring the outdoors in– Plant life is the next frontier for millennials. Some are taking things to the extreme by turning their homes into plant sanctuaries while others are adding a few mini planters as living accents. Succulents and air plants are two of the most modern ways to add some life and beautiful greenery to your home.
    • White is still hot– Millennials are still in love with the clean and crisp look of an all-white kitchen or bath. Adding in a splash of color by way of mustard yellow or that beautifully blushed tone of millennial pink is a great way to break up any monochrome monotony. It will give an all-white room some of that signature Instagram-chicness that we all hope for!
    • Black is the new BLACK– Streamlined black furniture pieces add a modern twist to contemporary pieces. Pair these pieces with wood tones and white for subtle contrast.

    Give these tips a try before you embark on your next home refresh. This hot look is a great way to attract Millennial buyers or just give your place a facelift!

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