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    How to Make Your Garage the Most Organized Room in Your Home

    Your garage can be a wonderful addition to your home. It can keep your car protected from the elements while storing large items that don’t fit in the house. But any homeowner knows that it’s easy for your garage to become a black hole for junk rather than a place to park cars.

    Spring is a great time to think about reorganizing your garage. Here are some step-by-step tips to help you organize your garage.

    • Start with a Purge- Your garage probably houses things that you’re never going to use again. Just because you tried snowboarding that one time, doesn’t mean you should have a snowboard in your garage! Get rid of the clutter you’ve accumulated in your garage. Expired lawn, cleaning, and car care products are a good place to start. Sell or donate outgrown recreational pieces from the kids, such as bikes and scooters. This will help you to begin your massive overhaul with a clean slate.
    •  Map Your Space- Don’t run to the hardware store without a plan. Map out your garage. Create zones for storing different categories of items. Don’t lump holiday décor together with your springtime lawn essentials. Map out and measure the space to know just how many bins, shelves, tubs, and hooks you’ll need before purchasing anything.
    • Go Up- The garage is a space with endless possibilities. Think of storing things higher up. Build shelves that you would normally be unusable in interior spaces. Don’t forget about the valuable storage space on your ceiling. Pinterest has great tutorials for building special racks and storage devices in overhead spaces. Hang bikes high to save floor space for larger items and parking spots.
    • Hook and Store- Hooks can be a garage game changer. Using ceiling and wall space that could otherwise get wasted, you can hang things for easy access. Consider hanging your long-handled cleaning supplies, beach chairs, and garden tools. Instead of propping these against a wall or shoving them in closets, the hanging space can free up valuable floor square footage.
    •  Use a Storage System- There is an unlimited number of storage solutions on the market today. Consider overhauling your garage with a custom-made system of shelving and storage units. Your garage is a key part of your home, it’s not a bad idea to invest accordingly.
    • Create an Inventory- Once you’ve organized your space, make a detailed inventory for yourself. Create a photo folder on your phone or make a laminated list for other members of the family to use. This will keep you from making double purchases of items stored in the garage and make it easier to find what you need!
    • Prioritize Parking- Now that your garage is cleaned out and looking great, you can think about using the space more often. Many garage owners don’t park their cars in the space. Consider using the garage for its intended purpose- for parking cars! Using the garage daily forces you to keep organized and makes you face the state of your space more regularly.
    • Add Light- Keep your space organized by adding light. Dark corners of a garage can become scary zones that accumulate junk over time. Make your space bright and easy to navigate. It doesn’t have to be fancy, some clip on work lights can be used to illuminate dark corners of the garage easily. Making it easier to see and navigate your garage is a great way to keep up with your organizational efforts.
    •  Deep Clean- Of course your garage will never be as clean as your living room. It’s impossible to avoid some dirt and grime in a space housing your lawn mower and car. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea to clean your garage floor for spills and muck periodically. Wipe down the shelves and cabinets more often. A clean space is less dread-inducing and won’t be as frustrating to keep organized. Invest some time cleaning the surfaces of your garage to make it a space you love to be in.

    Investing some time to organize your garage is your best bet for creating a space you’ll love and enjoy using. Try a few of these tips to overhaul your own garage this spring.

    Photo by Alturas Homes on Pexels.

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