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    How to Host Your Best Super Bowl Party Yet

    The biggest game of the year requires the biggest watch party of the year. The Super Bowl is coming up THIS Sunday. No ordinary wings and chips will suffice. Pull out all the stops and host your best Super Bowl party ever with our tips.

    1. Invitations- Whether you’re sending out a text invite, an email invitation, or snail mail invitations, make sure your guests know the party plan as soon as possible. Last minute watch parties are fine for any other game of the year, but on Super Bowl Sunday, ensure your guests don’t book other plans for the big day.
    2. Décor- Cheesy themes might be best reserved for kids’ parties most of the time, but a Super Bowl party deserves the most color coordinated theme you can manage. Depending on your loyalties, the Patriots fans will appreciate a navy and red color scheme, and Eagles fans a midnight green and black theme. Of course, if you don’t have loyalties to either team, representing both team colors is a fun way to go. Disperse team logos around your home, decorate chalkboards with team slogans, and bring in as many color coordinating details as possible. Show your loyalty to the Eagles or the Patriots with some colorful accents, such as inexpensive pompoms, vases full of colorful beads, or coordinating paper lanterns dispersed throughout your home.
    3. Food- The Super Bowl is the day where chefs break out their most top notch tailgating foods, decadent dips, and over the top appetizers. Cheesy, meaty, and indulgent is the direction most parties tend to go. This isn’t a function for dainty finger sandwiches. Ask guests to bring a dish or two, potluck style, to take away some stress. Another great option is a chili bar. Make a large pot of your favorite chili and supply all the toppings and some chips or cornbread to accompany it. You won’t need to supply much else, other than a killer dessert and drinks. Your guests will love a warming bowl of chili while they watch the game.
    4. Drinks- Of course, beer is the most traditional drink on game day. Some Philly or New England microbrews will be a thoughtful addition to your ice chest. Make sure to have wine available to those who’d prefer, along with plenty of non-alcoholic options for non-drinkers. If you’re more of a cocktail drinker, spare the fuss of stocking a full bar, and serve a signature cocktail or punch. And, like most parties, plan for more ice than you think you’ll need. It’s never a bad idea to be well supplied with the cold stuff.
    5. Viewing- It goes without saying that you need to have a television worthy of the best football and most over the top commercial breaks that’ll be seen on TV all year. Make sure your viewing location is supplied with plenty of comfortable seats for everyone. Large cushions on the floor will work in a pinch. Go the extra mile and set up some comfortable places meant for guests who want a quiet break to socialize away from the main viewing area. This will prevent chatter from distracting the true fans!

    With a little planning and consideration for the items on this list, your Super Bowl party is sure to be a hit with minimal fuss! Enjoy a night of great football, good friends, and some delicious foods at your party this year!

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