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    How to Choose the Best School for Your Child

    Most parents would say they want their home to be in a great school district. But, what exactly does that look like? Should you rely on word-of-mouth reviews, standardized test scores, or state-wide rubrics to decide on the best schools? How do you know that the school you’ll be zoned for is the best choice?

    A few simple guidelines will help you to feel empowered in the search to find the best fit.

    • Don’t stress about scores- Standardized tests are not the ultimate way to rank a school. Keep in mind that some schools may teach children to prep for tests, while some may not coach children on testing. Plus, standardized tests don’t take into account arts programs and other important factors.
    • Take a tour- Visit a school and tour their facilities. A lot more can be learned on site than from any review you’ll read. Take a look at how the students interact with the teachers and vice versa. Look for the values you want to see in a school.
    • Audit classes- When touring a school, ask if you can sit in on a few classes. You’ll have a great chance to get to know how the teachers in that school operate and see how the students interact with faculty.
    • Get to know the PTA- Go to a meeting of the local school board or sit in on a PTA meeting. Community engagement can make or break a school, so get to know how the community supports their local schools.
    • Meet the teachers- Take advantage of any “Meet the Teachers” events hosted by a school. A face-to-face meeting with teachers is a great opportunity to learn a bit more about the education philosophy the school will implement.
    • Think beyond elementary- Great elementary school districts don’t always mean great middle and high schools. Research K-12 in each potential area to ensure your child will be in good hands throughout their entire school career.
    • Determine school boundaries- School zoning can be tricky. Get to know the lines and know which schools are included for every address you consider.
    • Ask a local- Sometimes the best reviews will come from other families. Ask locals for their experiences with the schools in your potential district. Your Realtor can also be a great resource when researching school districts.

    We hope these tips help you with your quest to find the perfect school. With a bit of research and planning, you can be confident your school district is the best fit for your child.  We are here to help you find the perfect home in the school district of your choice.

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