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    How to Build Community in Your Neighborhood

    Our neighborhoods are where our lives happen. If you’re hoping to go beyond a simple “Hi!” in the front yard, we have some practical steps you can take today!

    • Plug in on social media- Neighborhood social media groups can be a mixed bag. But they’re a great way to make positive interactions in your area. Plus, you can bring some positivity to the group with your posts whenever possible.
    • Work in your front yard more- Being outside is a great way to connect. No matter the season, there’s yard work to be done. Get outside and interact with your neighbors who might also be outside. Plus, it won’t hurt to have a great looking yard.
    • Welcome a new neighbor- If you know the house across the street just sold, bake some cookies or take some flowers to welcome the new neighbors. Pass along your contact info to seal the deal and make for some great connections.
    • Celebrate the seasons- Although the winter holidays are known for their gift giving opportunities, they aren’t the only ones! Bake some Easter treats or go door-to-door and pass out some fun 4th of July goodies this year. Unexpected gifts are a great way to get to know the residents on your street.
    • Participate in National Night Out- Your neighborhood may already have a NNO event. If not, start one in your neighborhood. Check out the National Night Out website for more info on this great program.
    • Decorate for the seasons- Studies have shown that neighbors who decorate for the seasons are perceived as more friendly! This is a great start in getting to know your neighbors.
    • Take a stroll- Not only is it great exercise, but walking in your neighborhood is a great way to meet other neighbors. Connect with fellow dog owners, parents with strollers, or those who enjoy a good run just like you do.
    • Take initiative- Don’t expect someone else to be the reason you find community in your neighborhood. Be the person who sets up the party or initiates conversation. You won’t regret it.
    • Host a gathering- Hosting is a great way to show that you’re interested in building a community. If you know a few neighbors who are book lovers, try setting up a book club or other regular meetup and invite other neighbors.  
    • Show gratitude to public servants- Your garbage men, mail carrier, police, street sweepers, and more all deserve a “thank you” now and again. Share some ice cold bottled waters in summer or tasty treats to just let them know you’re grateful for all they do.
    • Host a garage sale- If you’re looking for a double duty way to get rid of some junk and also meet your neighbors, this is a great start! Just make sure your neighborhood guidelines allow for yard sales!
    • Hire Neighborhood teens- If a teen is offering yard work or odd jobs for hire, consider hiring them. This is a nice way to connect with their parents and support a hardworking teen in the process.
    • Wave hello- This is the simplest, yet most impactful thing you can do. Waving hello is a great way to set a friendly precedent in your neighborhood. It’s a cost-free and super simple way to start to build community with those who live nearby.

    These tips are only a start. There are countless ways you can invest in your neighborhood today. What are your favorite ways to build community with those around you? We’re always looking for tips!

    Photo by David McBee on Pexels

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