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    How To Bring All The Birds To Your Yard

    If you are a birdwatcher or just a fan of birds and want more to visit your yard, don’t just wing it and expect them to come.  It will take more than just putting out a bird feeder to bring all the birds to your yard.  To attract more birds, provide the amenities they are looking for.

    Create An Environment

    Believe it or not, birds seem to prefer townhomes or multi-level homes to single-level ranch homes. While you can’t change the style of your home you can provide them with some of the amenities they are looking for.  Birds want privacy. Plant plenty of walls of foliage. Small trees, native shrubs, and some tall grasses are ideal. Provide plenty of places for birds to be able to perch.

    The Right Type Of Feed

    Don’t go broke buying birdseed, instead grow your own.  Birds find food on grasses, shrubs, perennials, and annuals so plant those as birdseed. If you are looking to attract hummingbirds to your home, plant honeysuckles or cardinal flowers to attract them.


    Not every bird will visit a birdfeeder, but they all need water.  A bird bath is an easy way to provide water to the birds. Instead of a static bird bath that will attract mosquitos, consider keeping the water moving. Add a dripper or a mister to create motion.  Birds are great at hearing and will hear the water moving from a far distance and will come to investigate. If the budget allows for it, consider a fountain bird bath.

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