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    • Here’s How You Can Use Waze to Make Your Drives Easier and More Fun

    Here’s How You Can Use Waze to Make Your Drives Easier and More Fun

    Here’s How You Can Use Waze to Make Your Drives Easier and More Fun

    If you’re unfamiliar with this helpful app, you really need to check it out! Waze is a navigation app that seeks to make your drive easier and more efficient. The premise is simple. Think of that friend who always seems to know the shortcut when they drive. Waze works in the same way. You can map your routes and find unique shortcuts you may not otherwise know about. Your drive using a main highway may be congested with traffic. By using this app, your commute could be faster by using residential streets or some other less congested road. This app can be a real timesaver when navigating busy commutes.

    Hey dad, it’s time to turn left.”

    Did you know you can update the voice commands on your Waze app? By accessing the “settings” and “voice directions” tabs on the app, you can custom record the narration. Try recording silly accents or having your child record a sweet message “turn right here, mom!” to make your drive a tad more enjoyable!

    Hands free is the way to be!

    Turn on the voice command feature to avoid using your phone’s touchscreen while you’re driving. (You don’t need us to tell you how unsafe it is to do that, right?) By enabling the voice command, you can safely give the app directions by saying “OK Waze…” Turn on this feature by opening up settings, tapping “sound and voice” then “talk to Waze.” While it’s still important to keep yourself focused on driving, you can make it a bit safer to use this app while you’re on the road.

    What if you’re not on four wheels?

    If you’re going to be traveling outside the confines of a 4+ doored vehicle, you can let Waze know. This app has a feature that makes it possible to create a route that’s especially great for motorcycles. Just go to the settings tab and choose “navigation” and “vehicle type” to customize the type of vehicle you’ll be using.

    Save time on your commute and money on your gas.

    If you’re a fuel bargain hunter, you’ll love this feature. Waze will show you all of the gas stations on your route (a must have feature, especially if you’re using an unfamiliar route) and will show the prices for each one. You can skim the options and plan to refuel at the cheapest station. Saving time AND money, what’s not to love?

    But I didn’t know the speed limit!”

    Quite possibly the most money saving feature on the Waze app is the ability to monitor the speed limit. If you’re on an unfamiliar route it’s easy to lose track of speed limits. The Waze app shows the speed limits in real time so that you won’t get caught unaware in a speed trap!

    Have you used this app? What’s your favorite way to let Waze make your commute a little easier?

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