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    Here’s How To Make Your Home Along The Shore As Energy–Efficient As Possible

    ledYour home along the Jersey Shore can be comfortable in the summer and cozy in the winter without costing you a fortune.  Unfortunately, many of today’s homes are wasting a great deal of energy that could easily be prevented.  There are things you can do as a homeowner to make your home along the shore as energy-efficient as possible without hiring a contractor.  Remember all the little things add up and in the end it could save you big.

    There are simple things you can do yourself to save energy and your utility bill:

    • Replace the incandescent bulbs in your home with LEDS. Simply replacing six to nine of these throughout your home could save you nearly $22 a year.
    • Install a new Earth Showerhead where you can reduce your water usage by up to 40% over “low-flow” showerheads.  Replacing two of your old showerheads with these can save you slightly over $65 a year.
    • Adding water pipe insulation to the pipes inside your home can reduce the loss of heat resulting in your water heater having to work less. Insulating only three feet of pipe could save you $7 a year.
    • The windows in your home are where the largest source of heat gain or loss can occur.  If you can’t afford to replace the windows in your home with more energy-efficient ones replace the caulk around each of your home’s window to prevent air loss.
    • If you don’t have a programmable thermostat consider investing in one.  Many come with various energy-saving temperature settings.  Smart thermostats are growing in popularity and have the ability to automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on your coming and going. Installing a programmable thermostat could save you from 10 to 30% on your home’s energy bills.
    • When doing laundry do as many loads as possible with cold water and you could save over $60 a year.
    • Make it a habit of changing the filters in your furnace or A/C on a regular basis. A dirty filter will cause the system to work harder.

    These are just a few of many things you can do to make your home along the shore more energy efficient. If you are looking to buy or sell your home along the shore, The Ferzoco Group is here to help. Contact us here, or give us a call directly at (609) 399-5454. We are here to help you with all your real estate needs.


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