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    Goals for Homeowners in the New Year

    With the advent of a new year, it’s the perfect time to set some goals for yourself as a homeowner. Make resolutions this year to help you achieve financial goals as a homeowner. Whether you want extra money for a vacation or simply a bit more financial freedom, everyone can use more money in their pockets. January 1st is one of the best times to inspire yourself to start implementing small changes that’ll make big impacts on your bottom line.

    Take a look at this list for some inspiration.


    You may be eligible for homeowner’s insurance discounts that you don’t know are available. Give your insurance agent a call to see what proactive measures you’re already taking to receive discounts. Then set some goals to implement measures that will bring future discounts. Home security systems, updated electrical, and other home improvements can bring big savings that will add up while improving your quality of life.

    Tax Write-Offs

    There are a variety of tax write-offs available for making the switch to energy efficiency. Not only will new energy efficient appliances and windows improve your utility bills this year, they can also mean tangible savings on your taxes.

    Pay Bills on Time

    You’ll save money in the short-term and again in the long-term by paying your bills on time in the upcoming year. By paying bills on time you can avoid blowing money on expensive late fees in 2018. You can also work to improve your credit score this year by staying organized and on time with recurring bills. Improved credit scores will help you in the future with lower interest rates and better financial flexibility.

    Fight Your Assessment

    You may unknowingly be paying more on your property taxes than you should. Take the time in the new year to research your property values. If your home value has decreased over time, you can request a hearing to contest your current tax rates and hopefully save a good bit of money this year.

    Make Extra Payments

    By paying extra payments each year on your mortgage, you can reduce your home loan by years. This doesn’t mean you have to make a one-time large payment to do this. Try adding 1/12 of a mortgage payment to each month’s payment. Over time this can shorten a loan by paying a bit ahead each month. You can pay off your mortgage more quickly and ensure even more financial security in your future all while saving thousands on interest over the course of your home loan.

    Add a few of these tips to your resolutions for 2018 and see just how easy it is to achieve some of your own financial goals in the upcoming year.

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