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    Get Ready to Sell Your Home This Spring

    Deep in the January doldrums, we can all agree that we’re over winter and ready for spring. We’re all ready for spring’s excitement, especially in the world of real estate. Spring is one of the busiest times of year for home sales. So, if you’ve been thinking about selling, looking ahead a matter of weeks to spring is a great idea!

    Take a look at our checklist to make sure you’re ready to sell this spring!

    • Find an agent- Start interviewing potential agents to find your best fit. An agent is going to guide you through one of the biggest milestone sales (and purchases) of your life. Ensure your complete trust in the right agent for your needs.
    • Know how much your home is worth- You can’t just place a number on your home like you would on a yard sale item. Work with an experienced agent to determine the best price for your home. Our experts here at the Ferzoco group can help you with a free, no obligation home valuation. Knowing what your home is worth is a great first step in preparing for your sale.
    • Start improving- Most every home is going to need some work to be sold. Get started now on any home improvement projects you want to complete before selling. While you’re at it, make sure the home is in good working order. Fix leaky pipes, patch holes in the walls etc. Get a head start on home projects that will make your home the best it can be.
    • Pack and declutter- Why not start the arduous process of packing right now? You can start by packing away boxes of personal items that will detract from the look of your home when being viewed by buyers. Remove family photos, clear the fridge of clutter, put away stacks of items that add visual clutter. Some staging can go a long way to making your home look extra appealing to buyers. Buyers want to imagine themselves in a home, so removing personal items and clutter will give your home an edge.
    • Get to know the market- By knowing your area’s market, you can determine how fast homes like yours sell, what sort of timeframe it’ll take to find your next home, and just how quickly the process will go. An experienced agent, like those in the Ferzoco Group, will be able to guide you through the process and tell you just what you can expect.

    We wish you the best of luck in getting ready for the exciting spring market and can’t wait to help you throughout the entire process.

    The Ferzoco Group are experts in real estate from Ocean City to Cape May. Real estate is one of the biggest investments of your life and The Ferzoco Group knows what it takes for you to take that leap of faith in real estate. We provide you with the tools, professional service, and resources it will take for you to live the dream.  Contact us here, or give us a call directly at (609) 399-5454.

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