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    Final Walk-Through Tips Every Jersey Shore Home Buyer Should Be Aware Of

    ferz 2-19Buying a new home along the Jersey Shore can be an exciting time. Prior to signing closing documents, it’s customary for buyers to do a final walk-through to confirm that the home is still in the same condition it was when the contract to purchase the home was signed. Keep these tips in mind before you do your final walk-through.

    Don’t Wait Until Closing– Many times buyers negotiate with sellers that repairs that will be done prior to closing and a final-walk through is a great way to check to see those things have been done. However, do not wait until the day of closing to do a final walk-through if at all possible. There may be repairs that need to be fixed that are uncovered during that last walk-through and if it is on the day of closing you may be pressed for time to get these repairs fixed.

    Power Issues- The home should have underwent a home inspection, but it is not uncommon that every electrical outlet in the home is checked. During your final walk-through, check each outlet by plugging in a device to confirm there is power coming from the outlet and it is working properly. The last thing you want to do is move into your home only to find that you cannot turn a lamp on in your room because of power issues.

    Unwanted Items- When it comes to moving, sellers tend to want to leave behind some of their unwanted belongings they do not feel like moving.  During your walk-through inspect the attic, garage, and even under the deck for any unwanted belongings that may have been left behind. The home should be empty prior to you occupying it.

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