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    Essential Items To Keep In Your Car This Winter

    winter_001As Christmas approaches you may find yourself doing more driving than normal.  During the winter months, everyone should carry a winter survival kit in their car. In case of an emergency this could save you and the lives of your loved ones.  Imagine your car breaking down or getting stuck in frigid conditions — are you prepared?

    Here are a few essentials you should keep in your car this winter:

    • Flares – These will help those looking for you find you during a search.
    • Blankets – This may be the most important thing to have in your kit. This will help you maintain your warmth if stranded. A few hand warmers are a good idea as well.
    • First Aid Kit – In the event you are in a collision a first aid kit could be helpful until emergency personnel arrive on the scene.
    • Food And Water – Keep a supply of extra food and water in the instance you were to get stranded or delayed. A few protein bars and bottled water don’t take up much space.
    • Ice Scraper – An ice scraper with a brush will help not only remove ice but snow as well.
    • Flashlight – A flashlight can be used to help you signal for help.
    • Shovel – You don’t know when you may get stuck and a shovel can help dig you out if needed. If there is room in your car -store one.
    • Cell Phone Charger – An extra cell phone charger to keep your phone charged as long as possible in the case of an emergency.
    • Sand or Cat Litter– Cat litter or sand can be used for traction should you become stuck.
    • Tire Sealant – Emergency tire sealant can quickly fix a deflated tire until you are able to get to safety.

    Before leaving home during the winter months make sure your car is prepared.  Keep your gas tank at least half full during this time of year. Always tell someone where you are going and what route you will take before you leave.   If for some reason you would become stuck, only use your car’s emergency flashers when you see another vehicle approaching to help reduce the drain on your battery.  If it is at night, keep your dome light on and stay in your vehicle. It can be dangerous to walk during a storm and it’s easy to become lost.

    These essential items will help you survive in the instance you were to be stuck in winter weather.

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