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    Do Guests Reviews of Your Jersey Shore Home Really Matter?

    ferz 1-8-16In today’s digital world online reviews are becoming more and more prevalent. Consumers are turning towards review sites to help in everything from choosing a place to stay while on vacation, to what products to buy at a local store. More than likely your future guests will read reviews about your property and make a decision based on what others who have stayed there before had to say.  Yes, guest reviews of your Jersey Shore vacation home matter.

    Reviews left on online sites by others have quickly become a trusted source. One negative review could leave you losing business, but on the other hand positive reviews of your home can quickly increase bookings.  

    If there is a negative review left about your vacation home, the way you respond to it can make a world of difference.  Do not ignore it. Always respond to negative comments in a professional manner which will show potential guests that you care and do want to be attentive to their needs.  Address their concerns and let them know that you are making changes to rectify the situation. This allows other potential guests to see that you are involved and care about their experience.

    To build reviews on your property kindly email your guests with a personalized email a few days after their stay thanking them for choosing your vacation home, and let them know how much you would appreciate them submitting a review on your home.  

    Let the professionals at the Ferzoco Group help you sell or buy a home along the Jersey Shore. Our job is to make your tomorrow better than today. Contact us today via email or give us a call at 609-264-6762.

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