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    Defend Yourself Against Prowling Porch Pirates

    There are quite a few sneaky villains in holiday folklore. There’s the Grinch, the other reindeer who teased Rudolph for his bright red nose, and those bullies who beat up Ralphie in A Christmas Story.

    But do you recall, the most heinous villains of all?

    Porch Pirates.

    Porch pirates do exactly what their name implies. Instead of ransacking ships on the ocean, these pirates pillage packages from doorsteps. Before you abandon the ease of that two-day delivery in lieu of shopping in person, here are a few tips to keep your deliveries safe.

    Hiding Spots

    Place a large decorative item or a bench on your porch.  This can give delivery people a place to stash boxes out of plain sight. Ornamental potted plants on your porch can add color and give delivery drivers a place to discretely place boxes until you can retrieve them.


    Some companies include an option to require a signature upon delivery. You can also give out of town family the heads-up to require signatures on packages they’ll ship. This ensures that you, and only you, will receive the packages you’ve ordered.

    Workplace Deliveries

    If your office allows, have items shipped to your place of work. Since deliveries are usually made during business hours, you can ensure your porch stays clear of packages and doesn’t provide any temptation to lurking porch pirates.

    Neighborly Helpers

    Protect your deliveries and get to know your neighbors! If you know a stay-at-home or working-from-home neighbor, ask them to keep an eye out for packages. Sweeten the deal by offering them a barter of housesitting help or assistance with a DIY project. A thank-you gift of baked goods never hurts either.

    Amazon Locker

    It’s now possible to have Amazon deliveries sent to a third party location for pickup. You can choose your locker location and have Amazon deliveries sent to a secure location for you to pick up at your convenience. Go here ( for a list of the Amazon Locker locations in the Jersey Shore.

    Do a Good Deed

    Although it may not protect you from porch piracy, a good deed never hurts. Supply drinks and snacks for delivery personnel. A basket of goodies is a great way to thank the hardest working elves this holiday season. Be sure to place a clear sign on the items to let delivery drivers know they can help themselves. A little bit of gratitude and a good deed goes a long way during this harried season.

    From us here at the Ferzoco Group, have a happy and safe holiday season!

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