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Defeat Renovation Stress

Spring and summer are typically the most popular time of year to undergo a home renovation. You already know the drastic benefits of a home renovation for home’s value are undeniable. Home renovations can also feel insanely stressful for a homeowner. 

With a few intentional practices, items, and preparation you can defeat the stress that can come along with a home renovation. Whether you’re DIYing it or using contractors, the stress can be overwhelming. Use this checklist to make the process easier for yourself. 

Get Outside – Spending time in the great outdoors is therapeutic. If your home is full of fumes and noise, it’s a great plan to get out and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Plan for some simple walks around the neighborhood or a picnic in a park. Even if it’s cold, it’s a great idea to enjoy the outdoors for a few minutes each day during a hectic time. 

Make Sure You’re Well-Fed- Nobody wants a “hangry” homeowner when a renovation is happening. If you’re renovating the kitchen, it could be out of commission for a while. Save yourself some stress by prepping the freezer with meals that can be cooked later in the slow cooker, pressure cooker, or toaster oven.. This cookbook is a great place to start for ideas. If you’re filling freezer bags with frozen meals, these bag holders are a must

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Plan a Getaway– If you’re able, plan some time away. Listening to hammers, saws, and drills all day can wear you out. If you have a team you can trust, consider taking a quick vacation to recharge. 

Invest in Paper– If you’re dealing with water shut offs or a kitchen remodel, washing dishes isn’t in the cards. We love these biodegradable paper plates and cutlery for making meal time easier. Stock up on plenty of these to make life a little easier. 

Practice Mindfulness– For some this can mean meditation, prayer, or a yoga practice. During a stressful time, it’s a great idea to plan ahead for some mindfulness. We love these fun and relaxing mindfulness coloring books as a way to unwind during extremely stressful days spent making decisions and managing contractors. 

Create Areas of Rest– If you need to relocate within in your home, it’s a great idea to be international about creating spaces that make you feel rested and recharged. Light a candle in your temporary bedroom, create a cozy nook in your alternate living room, or create an intimate dining room space where needed. These spaces can calm the chaos at the end of a long day. 

Drown Out Noise– If you work from home, a renovation can be overwhelming and make it difficult to get work done. Consider trying some noise canceling headphones to block out interruptions. If you’d rather not listen to music, these noise canceling ear plugs are a great alternative.  

Treat Yourself– Whether it’s dinner out of the house, a day at the spa, or a quick trip for ice cream, know that you deserve some relaxation throughout the process of remodeling. Think of ways you can treat yourself to something special! 

Be Proactive About Clutter– While your house is disassembled for a renovation, it’s a great chance to deal with some clutter! If you had to empty bathroom cabinets for a bathroom makeover, why not sort through some of the items. Get rid of expired items, broken items, and things that no longer serve you. This will give you some peace and make life seem less out of control.

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