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    Choose the Best Site to Advertise Your Vacation Rental

    Now that our team has helped you to find the perfect vacation property, it’s time to start making money! It’s imperative to advertise your home through the appropriate channels to find the perfect renters and to reach a wider audience.

    The first choice you’ll need to make is to determine if you’re a DIYer or if you prefer passing off the duties to someone else. Then you can choose the best site or methods to advertise your Cape May County home, take a look to learn more.

    DIY vs Hiring a Pro

    • Do you have the time?- It takes time and energy to post your vacation home on the internet and manage the property. It’s not the same as selling a piece of furniture on Facebook. If your time is a valuable resource and you don’t feel like you can invest it in this project, it’s a good idea to consider using a professional vacation rental manager instead.
    • How many properties do you have?- If you have several vacation homes and another full-time job, it’s a good idea to hire out the work to someone else. A management company can take away the burden and easily juggle the logistics for you.
    • Can you afford it?- This may be the first question you’re going to ask yourself. Consider the other reasons first. It’s easy to see the cost of using a management company and thinking it’s a financial blow. Depending on your situation and free time, it could make better financial sense to DIY your vacation rental property listing. Take into account both time and money when making your rental home decisions.

    Finding a Rental Website

    • Get to know the ins and outs of the site- Look at different sites and compare features, ease of use, and overall visual appeal. Some sites offer a free account so you can see how the behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts really work on the site.
    • Consider booking through the site to see how it works for yourself- If you’re looking to take a vacation somewhere, try booking through a rental site you’re interested in. See if it’s easy to find a home you’re looking for. Check to see if you like the way the company operates. This will help you to decide if you’d like to do work with a particular company or not.
    • Ask for recommendations from friends- Pros know the best and worst sites. Ask around, maybe even crowd source some social media opinions. Asking your friends is a great way to get to know which sites they prefer to use for their vacation home rentals or for booking their vacations.
    • Use the most popular sites for ease of visibility- When choosing a site, consider searching for yourself. When you use Google keywords, you’re likely to see a handful of sites come up in the first few results. Those are going to be the sites where your home is going to get the most visibility and traffic, consider them first.
    • Don’t use Facebook or Craigslist- It could be tempting to advertise through free channels. Understand that there are countless benefits to using a true rental site. Ease of visibility, protection from liability, safety, and payment methods are all easier through sites like AirBnB, HomeAway, or VRBO. Ignore the temptation to use free channels to save a little money; you’re likely to regret it.

    Figuring out marketing is the next step in making your vacation home a profitable venture. What are your favorite sites for home rentals? Are you a DIYer or do you go through a management company? We’d love to hear from you!

    Photo by Katie Manning on Unsplash.

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