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    Buyer Beware! Scammers Targeting Closing Costs Payments

    ferz 4-15Buying a new home along the Jersey Shore is exciting.  As a serious homebuyer you have worked towards saving for a down payment,  spent time searching for a new home, packed your belongs, and are ready to move.  With closing day just around the corner the last thing you are thinking about is that your closing costs could be targeted by thieves.

    The Federal Trade Commission is warning buyers along the shore and across the nation about an email and money wiring scam that is going around.  Scammers are hacking into the email accounts of those home buyers and those of Realtors in order to obtain information in regards specifically to real estate transactions.

    Once closing costs have been figured, the scammers are then sending an email to the home buyer pretending to be the Realtor or the title company and claiming that there has been a last minute change with the closing documents. The email will then instruct the buyer to wire closing costs to a bank account, which of course is the hacker’s personal bank account.  Those who have fell victim to this scam have experienced their bank account being cleared out within minutes.

    BEWARE! If you are in the process of buying a home along the Jersey Shore and receive an email that gives you money-wiring instructions, don’t do it.  Contact your title company or Realtor. Never email financial information, be cautious when it comes to opening any attachments or files that are in an email, and always keep your operating system’s security software up to date.

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