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    Big Impact Home Projects You Can Do in Minutes

    Got 15 minutes? Do you happen to have a spare 30 minutes? This is just enough time to make some improvements in your home. Next time you find yourself with some spare time, you can tackle a quick project to make your home updated or more attractive. 

    This is a list of inspiration for your next burst of home improvement energy! Take a look.

    15 Minutes

    • Touch up Scuffed Baseboards- Scuffed baseboard paint occasionally needs to be touched up. Have some touch up paint on hand and a disposable dollar store foam brush to make cleanup a breeze.
    • Clear a Junk Drawer- This always takes less time than you think. Clear out the junk and you’ll be so proud of your accomplishment! 
    • Patch a Nail Hole- This product makes patching nail holes easy with minimal tools! 
    • Clean a Forgotten Space- When was the last time you wiped the tops of your cabinets? A stepstool and some hot soapy water will make this quick and easy. 
    • Hang a New Shower Curtain- Replace those tired shower curtain hooks and add a fun new shower curtain to instantly update a bathroom. 
    • Add an Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder- Save on valuable counter space by adding in a mounted paper towel holder.

    30 Minutes

    • Add a Floating Shelf- Add storage or a place to display photos or art with this quick project using a store bought shelf kit. 
    • Replace a Dated Doorknob- It may take some time to replace every interior doorknob, but the impact is undeniable! Take it door-by-door and replace one knob every time you have 30 minutes to spare. 
    • Add Updated House Numbers- Get rid of those old numbers and give your home’s front a facelift. This is inexpensive and can instantly update your curb appeal.
    • Hang New Curtains- Adding new curtains will change the feel of a space. Add some blackout curtains to help save on utility bills while you’re at it! 
    • Add a Bathroom Accessory- Toilet paper holders and towel bars will save your valuable bathroom floorspace and add a place for style and self-expression in your bathroom!

    60 Minutes 

    • Change Cabinet Knobs- Your kitchen cabinets could use some fun new knobs! This is a quick and simple project that will take minimal skill to complete an entire room. 
    • Pull Weeds in Your Front Yard- Your yard may be trimmed, but weeds in your driveway cracks or flower beds will make things look messy. Take some time to clear this area. 
    • Plant a Tree- A tree is a long-term addition that is good for the environment and a fun family project. 
    • Replace Your Bathroom Mirror- Do you have a boring bathroom mirror? Frame it with moulding this weekend or take it down and add a chic new mirror! 
    • Change a Light Fixture- This does require some electrical expertise. But it’s a great way to make a room feel more custom!
    • Replace Bathroom Caulk- Bathrooms and kitchens both have caulked areas that need to be kept up-to-date. Old and stained caulk can be easily replaced with just a few minutes of work and replaced quickly. 

    Next time you have some free time, try one of these home projects. It’s a great way to jump start some productivity with home improvement projects! 

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