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    Before You Mow the Lawn, Read This!

    You could be making some big mistakes on your lawn! Those mistakes might be costing you the lush and green yard you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Some of these mistakes might even be costing you your valuable time!

    Take a look at our list before you grab the lawn equipment this week:

    • Short is silly. Tall is terrific! Stop scalping your yard. When you cut the grass too low, you risk getting those ugly brown spots around the lawn. It might seem counterintuitive, but leaving the blades a bit longer means that they will stay healthier. It has to do with the light and water reaching the grass’ roots in a more efficient way to encourage healthy growth throughout your yard. Cutting the grass too low will ensure a patchy yard. Adjust your blades before you head out with the mower this weekend
    • Don’t put all your seed “eggs in one basket”! When you only use one type of seed, you risk failure. Before you seed your yard, choose a mixture to ensure success. Mixtures are more apt to survive adverse conditions. Just like with your investments, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, diversify your seed choice.
    • Don’t be dull. Sharpening your blade needs to happen twice per season on a regular sized lawn. Not only will sharp blades cut more efficiently, they’ll also save your grass from bruised blades. If a blade of grass isn’t cut cleanly, it will cause withered patches in your yard.
    • Water well. Overwatering is a great way to ruin a lawn, but so is under-watering. Your lawn needs about an inch of water a week. Keep track by placing an empty vessel in the yard to monitor regularly. In normal conditions, you can use the sprinkler three times weekly using approximately 1/3” of water each time.
    • Don’t do unnecessary work. If you’ve spent valuable time bagging your grass clippings, we have great news for you! It isn’t necessary. Purchase a mulching mower to ensure your yard benefits from the valuable nutrients in the clippings. Save yourself time and energy and leave the clippings on the grass. Your yard will thank you.

    If you’ve had aspirations of becoming Yard of the Month, you can implement these tips to nurture a beautiful lawn. You might be making some common mistakes and your grass could be paying the price. Try these tips and watch your lawn improve this summer and enter the running for that elusive Yard of the Month commendation!


    Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels

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