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Address These Red Flags Before Listing

Nobody wants to find out that their home is full of red flags! During a house hunt several things can stand out to a buyer. If you’re selling your home, you want buyers to walk away with a good feeling about your home and ready to make an offer. If your home is showing serious red flags, the opposite can happen.

Here are five red flags that you can address before listing your home. Some can be fixed quickly while others will require a bit more work. Address these issues now before they cause a hold up in the inspection process or deter potential buyers. 

  1. Water Stains- Water stains or stains of any kind are a scary red flag for buyers. You may have had a small leak many years ago that left some staining. Or the stain could be something innocuous. Whatever the cause, find the root and address the issue before listing. Not only could an issue be discovered in the inspection, but visible issues could be cause for lower offers or the loss of a buyer. 
  2. Doors That Don’t Close- This is not just a pain, it can be indicative of greater issues at hand. Speak with a professional if you’re worried a sticking door is cause for concern. Sometimes it’s simply an issue with the door itself and sometimes it can be caused by a bigger concern. Either way, doors with issues can be a red flag that turns off a buyer. 
  3. Funky Smells- Chances are, you aren’t smelling the smells in your home. You live there and have become immune to the odors. After spending some time out of the house, come inside and breathe deeply. If you have a good friend who can be honest, ask them to give you honest feedback about your home’s smells. If there’s a musty or mildew-heavy smell, those can be a huge red flag for buyers. It’s for good reason! No one wants to deal with scary mold or other issues. If you find that there’s an area with a strong smell, consider digging deeper. A professional can help you to eradicate mold if necessary or find out if there’s an ongoing leak or other problem. Addressing these early in the process will save plenty of headache later. 
  4. Electrical Issues- Visible electrical issues can make buyers run! This can be a simple fix or something more complex. This includes addressing any switches that no longer operate, lights that may flicker, or other electrical issues. Don’t give buyers any reason to assume your home has big electrical issues. Square away these sorts of issues before they become a problem. 
  5. Signs of Deferred Maintenance- This one can be evident in any room of the house. It can show up on your home’s exterior as well as the interior. If a buyer sees that a home has been generally neglected over the years, it can trigger red flags. Make sure your home is cared for and maintained on a regular basis. Look for areas that may signal neglect to visitors and tend to them as soon as possible.

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