Beach Hacks for the Whole Family

Dated: May 27 2021

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It’s almost beach trip season! It’s a great summer for hopping in the car and hitting the beach for a fantastic day in the sunshine and the waves. 


If you’ve ever done a full beach day, you know it comes with its own challenges. From sand to sunburns, there are plenty of reasons to stress. These hacks are some great options for making a beach day just a little easier on everyone. 


The Freezer is Your Friend- If you’re packing a day’s worth of snacks for the beach, you’ll be glad to have these chilled sandwiches. Throw most any kind of sandwich (excluding lettuce and condiments) into the freezer. They’ll thaw as your beach day progresses, and they won’t be a hot mess when lunchtime rolls around. 


Simple Slushes- A juice pouch can be frozen the night before a beach day. Cut the top off with scissors and bring along spoons. Kids will love this cold slush and parents will appreciate the extra hydration. 


Use a Waterproof Pouch for Essentials- These waterproof bags make walking to the beach easier and keeping up with essentials stress-free! Protect phones, key fobs, and speakers with this smart hack. 


Give Little Ones a Zone- Create a baby zone with an empty inflatable pool. This will keep small babies out of the sand, away from the water, and gives them a fun place to enjoy their favorite toys. 


Avoid Sandy Drinks- Protect your drinks from sand and keep them off the ground with a cupholder such as this one. It stakes into the ground and keeps drinks secure and from spilling. 


Powder Up- Baby powder works great for removing sand from legs and toes. Sprinkle a little on legs as soon as you leave the beach and stubborn sand will wipe away easily! 

A Shake-able Solution- Bring sand toys and other items to the beach in pop up mesh laundry baskets. These can be loaded up and shaken out to leave sand where it belongs. 

Bring Your Own Beach Music- A waterproof bluetooth speaker can blast music louder than your cell phone! This design clips onto beach bags, wagons, or your beach chair.


Set Up a Shelter- A long day at the beach can demand some shade and shelter, especially for parents of young children. Set up a tent for an easy place to escape the sun. This one pops up in seconds and is perfect for napping babies and storing beach gear! 


Make Frozen Sun Relief- An ice cube tray is the perfect place to prep for any sunburns. Freeze cubes of lotion or aloe gel for inevitable raw skin. 


Upgrade Your Haul- When you walk to the beach, there can be tons to carry along. Upgrade to an all-terrain wagon such as this one. It collapses for easy storage, and does a great job of holding the many items you’ll need to tote along. 


We can’t wait to hit the beach this summer! What are your favorite beach hacks? We’d love to hear from you! 

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh 

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Beach Hacks for the Whole Family

It’s almost beach trip season! It’s a great summer for hopping in the car and hitting the beach for a fantastic day in the sunshine and the waves.  If you’ve ever done a

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