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    6 Economical Fixes To Help Your Jersey Shore Home Sell

    doorMany homeowners have told us they would love to sell their home but felt that it needed some remodeling and it just wasn’t something they could afford to do only to turn around and sell their home. Buyers are sure to notice major renovations, but that’s not all they see. There are plenty of economical fixes you can do now that will help your Jersey Shore home sell without breaking the bank.


    Here are 6 economical fixes you can do to your Jersey Shore home to help it sell.    


    1. Kitchen Facelift                                                                                      

    A lot of life happens in the kitchen and if yours is a little outdated it’s time to give it a facelift. New appliances and cabinets can be costly, but you can give your kitchen a facelift for half the cost by painting your older cabinets. A coat of paint will cover up all those nicks and scratches. If you’re not up for painting your cabinets, consider updating your outdated hardware by installing new cabinet and drawer pulls. Replacing your light fixtures and kitchen faucet is another affordable update.


    1. Bathroom Facelift

    Kitchens and bathrooms tend to sell homes. If a total bathroom remodel isn’t in the budget there is still a lot you can do. Replace outdated fixtures and apply a new coat of paint. A deep thorough cleaning of your shower is an easy way to help make it look new. If you have tile floors clean the grout to help the bathroom appear fresh and new.


    1. Entryway

    We have found that many homeowners don’t always enter their homes through the front door. Don’t forget that home buyers will. Help your home make a good first impression by applying a fresh new coat of paint on your home’s front door and by fixing any peeling or cracked paint along the doorway.


    1. Declutter

    Buyers want to be able to envision themselves living there when they are walking through your home. If your home is loaded with clutter they will quickly become distracted by the stuff and will forget to imagine what their own stuff will look like there. Before putting your Jersey Shore home on the market, get rid of any items you no longer need and move items to storage that you don’t use on a routine basis. A clear space helps your home appear larger and allows buyers to envision themselves living there.


    1. Flooring

    One of the first things potential buyers will notice after they walk into your home and wipe their feet is the condition of your flooring. Look down and take in the condition of your floors. Replacing carpet can be costly, but cleaning it can help it appear nearly new. Rent a carpet steam cleaner and give your floors a good cleaning before listing your home to sell.


    1. Updated Lighting

    Outdated lighting or a home that is not properly lit can distract potential buyers and not help your home to show in its best light. Adding new modern light fixtures with the proper wattage will not only help your home appear more modern, it also helps it to show better.

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