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    5 Regular Home Maintenance Jobs You Might Not Know About 

    You know that you have to regularly change your air filters and test your smoke detectors, but if you want to avoid costly repair bills, you may want to consider some other tasks. Do you know about sealing your grout or washing your lint filter? Don’t worry if you didn’t, most people don’t. Here’s our list of the top 5 regular jobs you may be neglecting.

    1.Scrub Your Lint Filter– You probably know to empty the lint tray each time you dry a load of laundry. But you may not know that tossing that ball of lint may not be enough. Residue from dryer sheets or fabric softeners can build up on your lint trap. This buildup can cause your dryer to vent less effectively. To clean the trap, simply remove the mesh trap and wash it in warm soapy water with a scrub brush. Allow it to dry fully and return to your dryer!

    2.Clean Your Garbage Disposer– What would we do without these amazing devices? They magically whisk away all the unwanted scraps with their powerful motors. With as much work as they do, they can get pretty gunked up. They can also be the source of one of those dreaded mystery smells in your kitchen. Use a disposer cleaning product while running your disposer to keep it fresh. You can also run a few ice cubes or chunks of lemons in the disposer for a quick freshening.

    3.Maintain Your Grout- Your tile grout can absorb a lot. When your tile was originally installed, chances are, your grout was sealed, but it doesn’t last forever. Sealing the grout protects this porous surface from absorbing liquid. Every year, you should reseal your grout. To do this task, simply clean the areas and use a grout sealant on dry grout. Wipe one coat over the grout, and a second coat 15 minutes later. Keep the grout dry for 24-48 hours, then you’re good to go for another year!

    4.Seal Your Stone Counters- Stone countertops are exposed to wear and tear. From constant abuse to regular scrubs with harsh cleaners, they occasionally need some extra attention. Reseal these surfaces with a stone sealant. It couldn’t be easier. Simply wipe the sealant on the countertop and wait 15 minutes. That’s it! Your investment will be protected and look better than ever.

    5.Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Water Leaks- This could be the most valuable tip on our list. Checking for leaks could save you lots of money on your water bills, but it could also save your home from toxic mold or costly water damage. To assess for leaks, simply check your water meter. Write down the reading and avoid using any water for a couple of hours. After a few hours, check the reading again. If the meter has gone up, you have a leak. Also be sure to check any accessible appliance hoses and pipes. These can be prone to damage and cracks. Check them regularly to ensure they aren’t leaking.

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