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    3 Advantages of Selling Your Home Now

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    This time of year always presents a dilemma in the minds of many home sellers. They want to know if it’s worthwhile to sell their home now during the holidays or if they should wait until next year. Today I wanted to share the three main advantages of selling your home now:

    1. You can take advantage of the interest rates. They are still extremely low, and buyers are trying to take advantage of this before they inevitably begin to creep up again. Right now, there is far more buying power in the marketplace than there will be once interest rates start to rise.
    2. Buyers are more serious during the holidays. Let’s face it—nobody would try buying a home during the holidays unless they really needed one. There also tend to be investors that are out there who have sold a property earlier in the year and need to buy another investment property before the end of the year for tax purposes.
    3. Selling now means having less competition. Right now, inventory is as low as it’s going to be for the next four to five months. While everybody else is waiting for next spring to list their home, you can make yourself stand out by listing now.

    Nobody would try buying a home during the holidays unless they really needed one.

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